5 rumors about E3 2021 that are too good to be true

There are rumours of exclusive deals that can create an uproar among fans over the world (Image via E3)
There are rumours of exclusive deals that can create an uproar among fans over the world (Image via E3)

After last year’s cancelation, E3 2021 will witness several game developers and publishers from all over the gaming industry joining hands in the gaming’s biggest expo.

E3 2021 is the biggest gaming event in two years, and fans' expectations are sky-high. Be it companies re-hashing their previous IPs or coming up with new titles for pre-existing franchises, many things are sure to catch fans off-guard.

Just as Bethesda suddenly revealed Elder Scroll VI in E3 2019, or Keanu Reeves suddenly appeared on stage to promote Cyberpunk 2077, E3 2021 might see its fair share of surprises as well.

After a year-long gap, there are several aspects or announcements in E3 2021 that can quite literally break the internet. Here are the top 5 rumors about E3 2021 that could catch fans off-guard.

5 rumors about E3 2021

While there remains several speculations over the internet about random leaks surfacing on the worldwide web, fans can single out a few of them based on the impact it can have on the industry.

1) Final Fantasy XVI may come to XBOX Game Pass

Final Fantasy XVI si set to release (Image via PlayStation)
Final Fantasy XVI si set to release (Image via PlayStation)

The latest installment in the massive Final Fantasy series, though quite recently announced, is rumored to be underway for a reveal. But what intrigued the fans more is that Final Fantasy XVI could be coming to PC as well.

The game was first announced to be a PlayStation exclusive, coming for the next-gen PS5. But a leaked & deleted gameplay trailer showed that FFXVI is set to be released for the PC as well. The video was deleted as PlayStation Australia’s PS5 webstore had to clarify that the game was a timed exclusive. Regarding this situation, Square Enix, the developers of FFXVI, told IGN,

“We have no further information on if Final Fantasy XVI will be released on platforms other than the PS5.”

Even though no confirmation is given, there is still a chance for Square Enix to announce a possible tie-up with XBOX to include FFXVI in the XBOX Game Pass for E3 2021.

2) Cyberpunk 2.0

Cyberpunk 2077 (Image via CD Projekt Red)
Cyberpunk 2077 (Image via CD Projekt Red)

Since the announcement of Cyberpunk 2077, the fans of the Poland-based game development company CD Projekt Red waited with great anticipation. After countless delays and controversies around the work culture of the company, fans were growing suspicious about the quality of the game.

After last year’s release, the game received a heavy amount of criticism due to clunky game mechanics and countless amounts of bugs not allowing a player to progress through the game as they wished.

The only way forward for CD Projekt Red is to keep working on hotfixes and blog posts for the game until they finally move on. While fans of Cyberpunk 2077 have are beyond frustrated and have given up on the game, the best way for CDPR to turn things around is to announce a massive overhaul of their IP by announcing Cyberpunk 2.0 in the coming E3 2021.

3) XBOX confirming SEGA buyout rumors

SEGA in a huge deal with XBOX (Image via SEGA)
SEGA in a huge deal with XBOX (Image via SEGA)

With Sony backing out of E3 2021, it leaves the premise for XBOX to swoop in and take the glory in their name. As the next-gen PS5, not selling as expected in the Japanese market, and Sony pulling out their HQ to America, the Japanese market is up for grabs.

XBOX is notorious for banking time exclusives under their banner. A week before their presentation in E3 2019, XBOX announced Double Fine would be joining hands.

With different exclusives from a previous time already joining the XBOX Game Pass, such as Sonic 2006 and a former PlayStation exclusive Yakuza. With the Japanese market up for grabs, the rumors of SEGA being in talks with XBOX could help them secure the next Kojima game for them. This could surely spark some fires among fans of the Japanese gaming industry, as the E3 2021 is coming to fruition.

4) Bethesda showcasing Starfield gameplay and confirming XBOX exclusivity

Starfield could receive a feature at E3 2021 (Image via Bethesda)
Starfield could receive a feature at E3 2021 (Image via Bethesda)

Recently, Bethesda shook hands with XBOX, allowing XBOX Game Pass to include some all-time favorites of the company such as Doom, The Elder Scroll series, Fallout franchise, etc.

The biggest eye-catcher, however, will be a feature in the upcoming E3 2021. While many questions remain about what will be showcased, it will exceed fans' expectations if some Starfield gameplay is revealed as E3 2021 looms closer.

As the acquisition of Bethesda took place, games such as Starfield and The Elder Scroll VI could receive possible features in E3 2021, as well as a possible confirmation on all their games being XBOX exclusive in the future. The vice-president of Gaming at Microsoft and the head of XBOX brand, Phil Spencer also teased the industry regarding exclusivity saying:\

This is about delivering great exclusive games for you that ship on platforms where Game Pass exists.

Rockstar announcing GTA 6 or a new IP

Will Rockstar bouce back? (Image via Rockstar Games)
Will Rockstar bouce back? (Image via Rockstar Games)

Rockstar is a giant when it comes to the gaming industry, gifting fans several evergreen titles such as the Grant Theft Auto (GTA) franchise, Red Dead Redemption 1 and 2, Manhunt, and the Max Payne series.

They have continued to port GTAV through three recent console platforms. Following Dan Houser's departure from Rockstar, the person responsible for all that the fans of this company know to exist, the future of Rockstar Games has become quite uncertain.

While Rockstar is still working tirelessly on GTA Online, it would be massive news if they announce the next iteration of GTA, GTA 6 or rather come up with a new IP to feature at E3 2021.

Edited by Gautham Balaji
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