5 tips to win more games easily in Overwatch 2’s Push Mode

Tip and tricks to win more matches in Overwatch 2’s Push Mode (Image via Overwatch 2)
Tip and tricks to win more matches in Overwatch 2’s Push Mode (Image via Overwatch 2)

Overwatch 2 has finally launched with a bunch of new features, characters, and game modes for franchise fans to try out.

One such mode that players are having a great time queuing up for is the Push Mode, which is a new neutral objective mode that is centered around a robot.

Both teams will be tasked with walking the robot down a winding path and into enemy territory, and the winner will be decided based on how far a team went with the robot before the time is up or if a team manages to push it to the very end of the path.

To be able to move the robot, players will be required to not only clear the path of enemies but also stick to the objective for it to move. Unlike in the Payload game mode, the spawns in Push Mode will not be closer to the objective no matter how far a team pushes it into enemy territory.

It’s an incredibly fun mode to try out, and today’s guide will deal with how players can easily get wins in Overwatch 2’s Push Mode.

Tip and tricks to win more matches in Overwatch 2’s Push Mode

1) Setting defined roles for the team


Like any other Overwatch 2 game mode, the Push Mode too can be rather competitive, and players will need to bring their A-game to be able to win matches. A good amount of strategizing will be required, especially when it comes to assigning roles to the rest of the team.

As the goal is to maximize the amount of time that a team gets to control the robot or to contest it, a good strategy will be to have a tank in front, with one healer and one DPS hero aiding them. This, coupled with one healer and one damage hero flanking from the sides, will make for a very balanced approach.

Push Mode maps are structured in a way that allows one to have relatively easier flanking positions than in other game modes.

2) Keep the robot moving


It’s essential for players to keep the robot moving in Overwatch 2’s Push Mode. After securing the objective, teams will want a few players to babysit the robot while the damage heroes look to pick off enemies one by one.

Since the winner is determined by how far a team pushes the objective into enemy territory, the further one takes the robot, the better their chances of winning the game.

Hence, it’s important to keep the robot moving if players are the ones who are controlling the objective, or look to contest it if the enemy is the one with the push priority. As enemies will need to push the robot all the way to their barrier, the further one pushes, the more time they buy for their team to get to the objective after they respawn.

3) Picking the right heroes


While all the heroes in the game are viable for every single game mode, with their effectiveness depending on how well the player pilots them, there are a few picks that do much better in Push Mode than most.

Heroes like Sombra, Genji, or Wrecking Ball are some of the best choices when it comes to diving on the enemy. With their speed, they are able to take back the objective much faster than most.

Their ultimate abilities come in rather handy as well, and they can be used during clutch moments to take back the objective when the team is really cutting it close with the match timer.

Constantly being able to pressure the enemy is one of the best ways to win more games in Overwatch 2.

4) Taking advantage of the robot’s path


As mentioned, in Overwatch 2’s Push Mode, the robot will be following a winding path on the map, which will typically go through buildings, allowing players to engage in combat more often.

Straight paths will also create more opportunities to flank the enemy as the robot moves through some areas where it accelerates.

Hence, if players do lose control of the objective, they will be able to get back to where they were pretty quickly.

5) Using the barrier as cover


In Push Mode, the robot pushes a barrier that Overwatch 2 players will be able to use to their advantage. As the objective goes through open pathways, one of the best ways to survive the onslaught of the enemy team is to use the barrier.

Strategizing effectively around it will help players push the objective further, as they are not required to win every gunfight in this game mode.

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