All Overwatch 2 Damage Hero tier lists

Damage Heroes in Overwatch 2 ranked (Image via Blizzard)
Damage Heroes in Overwatch 2 ranked (Image via Blizzard)

Overwatch 2 is the successor to the popular hero-shooter title of the same name from 2016. It involves two teams of five players each, who pick Heroes with unique powers and abilities to achieve the match's objective. They belong to a certain role - Damage, Support, and Tank, with each having its own responsibilities in the match and being limited to it.

Damage Heroes are responsible for getting as many eliminations in the match as possible with the assistance of their Support and Tank teammates. Like the name, they deal damage to enemies by seeking them out. Their abilities are designed in such a way that enables them to engage in combat efficiently and effectively over other Heroes.

This article takes a look at all the Damage Heroes in Overwatch 2 and assigns them to the tier list.

Exploring all Damage Heroes in Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2's different roles and Heroes allow all playstyles to shine in a match. Damage being one of the most sought-after roles, players have a total of 17 Heroes in that class to choose from. Here's how they stack up against each other in Season One:

Overwatch 2 Damage Heroes Tier list (Image via Tiermaker)
Overwatch 2 Damage Heroes Tier list (Image via Tiermaker)


S-Tier Damage Heroes in Overwatch 2 (Images via Blizzard)
S-Tier Damage Heroes in Overwatch 2 (Images via Blizzard)
  • Genji
  • Soldier 76
  • Widowmaker

Genji is a ninja fitted with cybernetic enhancements. Being a Cyborg Ninja, he can traverse through the map unlike any other Hero. His abilities are mostly close ranged, meaning players will have to be in the face of their enemies to be able to maximize his potential in the match. Being a high-skilled Hero in Overwatch 2, he only shines in the hands of a few and when he does, he is devastating.

Soldier 76 is one of the easiest Heroes to learn and use. He can heal himself and his teammates and also shoot rocket projectiles, perfect for mid-range as well as long-range engagements. What makes him truly special is his Ultimate, which provides its users with aimbot-like abilities for a short duration.

Widowmaker is the perfect sniper. She can snipe from behind or go to the front lines as her weapon turns automatic when shot from the hip. However, to truly maximize her potential, she should be using her Sniper as when it is charged, and completely annihilate her foes. Moreover, her abilities allow her to position herself vertically and also trap enemies using her Venom mine that deals damage.


A-Tier Damage Heroes in Overwatch 2 (Images via Blizzard)
A-Tier Damage Heroes in Overwatch 2 (Images via Blizzard)
  • Tracer
  • Sojourn
  • Hanzo
  • Ashe
  • Pharah

Tracer is known for her quick movements and ability to teleport to a previous location. Her ultimate, when combined with her fast movement capabilities, allow her to go deep into the enemy lines and deal heavy damage to her foes.

Sojourn is a new addition to Overwatch 2. She is highly mobile and is the perfect pick for mid-range engagements. Her ultimate ability allows her to fire multiple shots in quick succession that deals high damage and is an amazing choice to take down Tanks.

Hanzo is an old-school bow-and-arrow Hero. He is a highly skilled Hero and can be devastating, provided he can land his shots. While not the ideal character to pick against quick-moving targets, he can easily take down enemies from a distance provided he has the cover of his teammates. Hanzo's ultimate is great to annihilate enemies who are grouped together in a small area.

Ashe is not to be underestimated. She shines in close and mid-range engagements and her Ultimate spawns her Omnic friend that assists her in her endeavors. Moreover, her ability to push enemies back that are onto her is an excellent way to evade them when they are close.

Pharah is able to deal high damage and thanks to her abilities, she brings verticality into play. Her Barrage ability deals a damage of 1,240 per second, which allows her to take down hordes of enemies or clear a site easily.


B-Tier Damage Heroes in Overwatch 2 (Images via Blizzard)
B-Tier Damage Heroes in Overwatch 2 (Images via Blizzard)
  • Cassidy
  • Reaper
  • Junkrat

Cassidy fights primarily with his revolver. While such a weapon may not sound much against rockets and swords, it carries high damage potential. His ultimate ability, Deadeye, allows him to get multiple kills provided they are in his line of sight.

Junkrat is often claimed to be the choice of players who want to annoy their enemies. His traps can stop enemies from moving and make them an easier target to shoot at. RIP-Tire allows him to eliminate enemies from a distance by letting it roll and simply detonating it near the enemies.

Reaper is a dark and mysterious figure. He is great for flanking enemies and can quickly evade them using his Wraith Form, which allows bullets to pass through him without taking any damage, along with safe repositioning as well.


C-Tier Damage Heroes in Overwatch 2 (Images via Blizzard)
C-Tier Damage Heroes in Overwatch 2 (Images via Blizzard)
  • Echo
  • Bastion

Echo is great for verticality. Being an AI driven robot, she can instantly transform herself into an enemy Hero and use their abilities. However, what gets her in the C-tier is her ability to deal more damage by taking advantage of vertical positions.

Bastion is an omnic bot, and despite being capable of high-damage output, it lacks mobility. This makes the robot an easy target and without proper support, it won't be able to have an impact on the match in any meaningful way.



Symmetra, although a Damage hero, behaves more like a jack of all trades and a master of none. For her to have a major contribution, she must constantly hit her targets as her weapon's damage output rises as long as it is connected to her enemies.

Her Ultimate allows her to deploy a barrier that protects her and her teammates from ranged attacks. Being a Damage Hero, her ability set doesn't quite provide her with tools to get eliminations easily.


E-Tier Damage Heroes in Overwatch 2 (Images via Blizzard)
E-Tier Damage Heroes in Overwatch 2 (Images via Blizzard)
  • Sombra
  • Mei

Sombra winds up lacking when it comes to her damage dealing abilities. She can hack her targets to deal more damage. But if they aren't hacked, her abilities deal far less damage, making her not the ideal choice in a variety of scenarios.

Similarly, Mei's unique ability is to freeze her enemies to deal damage, or freeze herself to avoid enemy hits. Other than that, she plays out mostly well as a support player, slowing down enemies and building walls to block off pathways.



Torbjörn's biggest downside is his lack of movement capability. Additionally, his weapon fires slowly and isn't preferred for close-range fights. While the Hero can setup turrets that target enemies, they can be instantly taken down and take quite a while to recharge.

His utility set allows him to hold a site and not be aggressive. But even then, it doesn't do enough to be able to protect an area from his foes.

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