What is the best Cookie Run: Kingdom team composition to use with Mint Choco Cookie?

Assembling the right set of Cookies according to individual play style is a key skill. (Image via Sportskeeda)
Assembling the right set of Cookies according to individual play style is a key skill. (Image via Sportskeeda)

Cookie Run: Kingdom is unique compared to other games in the genre, such as Genshin Impact, as powerful characters cannot create a large impact without the right team to back them up.

A character that has generated significant excitement in the Cookie Run: Kingdom community, Mint Choco Cookie, is an excellent example of this idea. An overlooked Support Cookie that has been available since launch, he recently came to the fore as the ideal filler to create the ultimate Attack Speed team in Cookie Run: Kingdom.

This article provides an overview of the ideal team anchored around Mint Choco Cookie. Players will then understand how to create their own ideal Cookie Run: Kingdom team.

Build an ideal team with Mint Choco Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom

Readers who are interested in creating a DPS-based team in Cookie Run: Kingdom with great Attack Speed should pay particular attention to the composition discussed below.

Mint Choco can help get the most out of other more powerful characters. Image via Sportskeeda.
Mint Choco can help get the most out of other more powerful characters. Image via Sportskeeda.

The ideal team composition that Cookie Run: Kingdom players should use along with Mint Choco Cookie includes:

1) Madeleine Cookie (Front)

Madeleine Cookie, who acts as the Front "tank" here, is a highly regarded Defense Cookie in the Cookie Run: Kingdom community. His Celestial Light attack is immune to any debuffs the enemy may have in place, and building him with a full 5 Searing Raspberry build will further boost his considerable 108% ATK rating. His pairing with Mint Choco (a Support Cookie who boosts ATK speed) is brilliant, because the only real flaw with Madeleine Cookie is his 13-second cooldown.

2) Lilac Cookie (Mid)

Lilac is one of the other two damage-dealing Cookies in this composition. He can work in conjunction with Mint Choco as Lilac also provides a 0.4% boost to the damage dealt by other Cookies' ATK rating for each 1.0% of ATK speed boost rate in place for a full 10 seconds. As Mint Choco provides a 40% ATK speed boost, pairing him with Lilac provides an overall 16% boost to all three DPS characters who are in the team. All of these boosts are paired with the fact that Lilac Cookie himself deals a massive 105% damage with a single hit.

Three Searing Raspberry and Two Solid Almond build is recommended.

3) Mint Choco (Mid)

Mint Choco is, in the truest sense of the word, a Support Cookie. He heals his team of 95% of the damage taken at a base level and boosts the ATK speed by a full 40% (at base level) for 7 seconds. The cooldown is rather high at 16 seconds, but a 4 Swift Chocolate build along with a Solid Almond for better defensive capability makes Mint Choco an anchor for the whole Attack Speed composition. This is what has kept Mint Choco relevant despite many changes in the Cookie Run: Kingdom meta.

The whole idea behind an ATK SPD-based team is to deal maximum damage as quickly as possible. A healing character who also boosts the speed of the attacks provides amazing value.

4) Pastry Cookie (Rear)

Pastry Cookie provides much more value than is perceived on the surface. Her single-hit damage stands high at 80% along with a 50% ATK SPD boost for a full 10 seconds. Additionally, her LightBringer arrows ricochet between enemies twice before falling, and both hits pack a 75% ATK rating. Adding 5 Searing Raspberry or a combo of the same with 1 or 2 Swift Chocolate (to help with the 13-second base cooldown) can make things even better.

5) Almond Cookie (Rear)

Almond Cookie brings together all four of the Cookies' attacks with his "Almond Handcuffs" ability. His skill essentially binds the enemy with the lowest max HP dispersing the damage he receives between the enemy team. This means that for three seconds, the Almond Handcuffs are active and the damage given by all of one's DPS Cookies hits the enemy team twice. A full Solid Almond build is recommended.

Many players believe that Cookie Run: Kingdom developers added him after the game's launch to bring Attack Speed comps back into the meta.

Madeleine, Pastry and Lilac Cookie together deal a very significant amount of damage. Pastry and Mint Choco provide a combined 90% ATK speed buff, which means Lilac's damage boost stands at 36%. With this composition, one can gut the enemy lines and deal with most enemies swiftly in both PvP and PvE in Cookie Run: Kingdom.

Using Enchanted Robes, Grim Looking Scythe and a Scroll in the Treasures section will grant a meaningful boost to this particular Cookie Run: Kingdom team compostion.

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