Call of Duty Warzone Season 3: How to dominate the game with style

Warzone season 3 (image via activision)
Warzone season 3 (image via activision)
Debabrata Naiya

Call of Duty Warzone is a massive cross-platform game. This indicates that players can play the game on both PC and console. Thus, players can use both the controller, mouse, and keyboard as input devices.

Be it on a controller or a mouse and keyboard, the fundamental rule of an FPS is to point and shoot. Players need to aim at their enemies and strike them. However, movement in an FPS game like Warzone is one of the most important things that players can’t ignore.

Compared to other FPS games, the movement mechanism in Warzone is a bit difficult to master. To get those desired dubs at the end of the match, just relying on the ability to aim and some basic movements is not enough.

Players’ movement needs to be as fluid as possible so that they can aim and move at the same time while keeping an eye on their enemies.


Seasonal veterans use some advanced tactical movements and settings. These skills are not just limited to the basic movements that players can learn from Warzone tutorials.

How to master advanced movements in Warzone

With season 3 knocking on the door and the announcement of Operation Monarch, fans are excited about what Raven Software has in store for them. However, newcomers to the game can get quite overwhelmed due to the highly sweaty players in the lobby.


Players who want to get better at Warzone as fast as possible and grind till the end must know the tricks to the advanced movement mechanism to climb up into the game.

This article will dive deep into the mastering of movement in Call of Duty Warzone.

Change the movement options


The first thing that players need to do is go to the options and change the sliding behavior. Players need to make sure that the slide behavior is set to Tap. Sliding constantly can get difficult if it's on Hold.

The next thing that players need to do is go to their Automatic Sprint settings and turn on the Automatic Tactical Sprint. This allows the character in the game to start sprinting automatically after pressing the button mapped to the sprint/forward command.

The automatic tactical sprint is slightly different from the automatic sprint. The character holds the gun towards the sky and takes a sprint. This will help players slide cancel (slide canceling is an advanced movement mechanism that we are discussing next) more fluidly.

Slide Cancel


Probably the most important movement mechanism and hardest to master if players are hopping onto Warzone for the first time.

If someone is new to the game, a question can occur in their mind. How do all the Warzone pros and seasonal veterans move like they are flying on the map?

Mastering the slide cancel is vital in getting that superfluid movement and quick snap towards the enemy.

Players need to activate their tactical sprint to learn how to slide cancel. Players can do that manually or using Automatic Tactical Sprint (recommended).

First, users must press the forward button to activate the tactical sprint if the aforementioned settings are on. Then players need to press the crouch button while sprinting. That would activate the slide.

To cancel the slide, they need to press the same button again and to move back up, players can use the jump button. To continuously slide canceling, players need to do this process repeatedly.

Slide cancel can help players move smoothly without feeling clunky. With a lot of practice, mastering the slide cancel would also help those quick movements to dodge bullets and snap right back into the enemy.

Bunny Hop (B - Hop)


Another special trick used by most players who are serious about the game. Bunny Hop is a special trick that is rather difficult to master, but it is useful if players want to get out of that enemy’s firing range immediately and shoot back at them.

As the name suggests, Bunny hop is a hop/short jump with momentum like a bunny. After a crooked slide, players can immediately change their behavior by pressing the jump button here instead of canceling the second slide. The player takes a quick jump after the second slide. With already added momentum, the character can move and jump simultaneously.

This technique is useful when a player is pushing a building, or someone is camping behind the door. It's also useful when in low health. The player needs to hit the enemies without getting a single shot on their body.

Players can take cover and with a bunny hop, they can come out of the cover and immediately aim at their enemies. With a correct bunny hop and proper positioning, the opposition can't keep track of them.

That being said, these two tricks are the most useful movement tricks to master. If players can master these movements properly, with proper aim and positioning, those desired dubs will come home in style.

Disclaimer: This article reflects the opinions of the writer.

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