Call of Duty: Vanguard Alpha - Maps, playlists, weapons, killstreaks, perks, and more 

Call of Duty Vanguard Champion Hill Alpha exclusively on PlayStation (Image via Activision)
Call of Duty Vanguard Champion Hill Alpha exclusively on PlayStation (Image via Activision)
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Call of Duty Vanguard was unveiled via an event in COD Warzone on August 19. This was followed by 9-minutes campaign gameplay reveal on Gamescom 2021 on the 25th. Now players are getting an early taste of the new CoD’s multiplayer gameplay via the Call of Duty: Vanguard Champion Hill Alpha.

The preloading for this alpha began on 23rd, exclusively for PlayStation players on PS 4 and 5, ahead of the 10:00 a.m. (PT) August 27 launch. Servers may go online hours before the scheduled time as seen previously with other COD titles’ alpha. Here is everything players need to know about the Champion Hill Alpha, which is going to last 48 hours.

Call of Duty: Vanguard Champion Hill

The Vanguard alpha will feature a new, never-seen multiplayer mode called Champion Hill. The alpha will just be a tease for what’s coming in the upcoming beta and the game’s November 5 launch.

Champion Hill is a “tournament-style, multi-map and multi-life game mode,” which shares its aspects with the Battle Royale genre. The Champion Hill playlists will be squad-based during the Vanguard Alpha i.e., Duos (2v2) and Trios (3v3).

Teams will compete in a death-match style tournament with each squad to eliminate other squads. The last squad standing wins Vanguard. Each team will start with the same loadout and upgrade throughout the game.

Players are supposed to collect cash by killing other players and looting supply drops. The supply drops will be scattered randomly throughout the map and will be a hot spot since every team will try to grab one.

This cash is essential as it will allow you to buy perks, killstreaks, and equipment as well as upgrade your weapon. Perks will remain consistent and players can buy up to six in a match. Purchased Streaks will be automatically activated in the upcoming round.

The match will be divided into several Combat Rounds separated by Buy Round in between. The collected cash can be spent at Buy Stations during the Buy Rounds. This may sound similar to the Arenas mode in Apex Legends.

The Vanguard alpha will be played on a large map divided into five sections. These sections include four Combat Arenas and one central Buy Station. The four Combat Arenas in Vanguard Champion Hill are showcased below.

The eliminated team can either leave the match or watch the end from the “Buy Station Area spectator platform”. The players will be randomly assigned with one of the four operators - Arthur Kingsley, Lucas Riggs, Wade Jackson, and Polina Petrova.

MAPS' in Champion Hill Alpha – 4 Combat Arenas

  1. Market
  2. Airstrip
  3. Courtyard
  4. Trainyard

Vanguard Alpha 'WEAPONS'

  • The weapon will be available in 2 rotating sets and will be the same for each team.
  • Both sets include LMGs, ARs, Shotguns, and Pistols only.
  • Each weapon can be upgraded via cash 10 times and each upgrade will add 1 attachment to the weapon.

'EQUIPMENTS' available

  1. MK2 Frag Grenade: The lethal frag grenade that players can cook and throw in Call of Duty Vanguard.
  2. No.69 Stun Grenade: This tactical can be used to hinder the enemy's movement and aim.
  3. Throwing Knife: A lethal equipment that can be retrieved back after being thrown.
  4. Gammon Bomb: This lethal will detonate on impact while imparting damage to opponents.
  5. MKV Gas Grenade: The tactical Gas Grenade will explode on impact and slow the opponent's movement, blur their vision and make them cough.
  6. S-Mine 44: A lethal proximity mine that explodes when triggered.

Limited 6 'PERKS'

  1. Tracker: Footprint trail of enemies visible. The enemy's death marker will be visible to the player. The death markers of enemies player kills will be hidden.
  2. Double Time: Crouch movement speed increased by 30%. Tactical Sprint duration increased 2 times.
  3. Survival Training: Immunity to gas and maximum resistance to stun.
  4. High Alert: Vision pulsation when being looked at by an enemy player.
  5. Ghost: Players cannot be detected by Spy Planes, Field Mics, etc. This only works while the player is moving, similar to COD Black Ops Cold War.
  6. Demolition: Spawn with extra lethal equipment. The trajectory of lethal throws is displayed to players.

Purchasable 'STREAKS' - Varying Price

  • Armor Plate: Buy a single armor plate from the Buy Station.
  • Full Armor: Purchase a full set of armor plates.
  • Extra Life: Get 1 additional life for the team in Vanguard's Champion Hill.
  • Spy Plane: Players can call in a spy plane that reveals all non-ghosted enemy positions on the minimap. It works similar to the UAV Scorestreak from COD Modern Warfare.
  • Flamenaut: A flamethrower with unlimited fuel and a protective suit similar to the Juggernaut.
  • Deathmachine: A machine gun with explosive rounds and limited bullets. Similar to the COD Black Ops Cold War Killstreak.
  • V2 Rocket: This perk will activate instantly. A V2 Rocket will drop on the map, killing all players and ending the game. It is similar to the "Nuke" Killstreak from previous COD games.
All important dates regarding Call of Duty Vanguard (Image via Activision)
All important dates regarding Call of Duty Vanguard (Image via Activision)

More information is expected on the new Call of Duty Vanguard soon. The Alpha will be followed by a multiplayer reveal event and open beta for all platforms in September. Players are getting regular new content drops in COD Warzone like the RAAL MG, TEC-9, new party mechanism, new perks, and more.

However, they are most excited about the upcoming Vanguard integration and the new anti-cheat coming with the new Call of Duty. Stay tuned to SportsKeeda for more updates on COD Vanguard and its launch on November 5.

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