5 characters that will help you rank up fast in Street Fighter 6

These Street Fighter 6 characters are amongst the strongest in the game
These Street Fighter 6 characters are amongst the strongest in the game

Street Fighter 6 was released across various gaming platforms on June 2, 2023. The game has garnered a lot of hype already. It has immaculate graphics and fantastic combat mechanics, with all 18 characters bringing their flair with unique moves and special attacks. The ranked system has also begun in full force, with players vying to climb to the top.

The ranked system has eight different positions starting from Rookie, all the way to Master. Certain characters in the game are a tier above others due to better movesets and being more consistent and versatile across various situations giving a better chance to climb the levels. This article will list the five best characters to help you rank up quickly in Street Fighter 6.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the writer's opinions.

Kimberley and 4 other characters can help players quickly climb the ranks in Street Fighter 6

1) Marisa


Marisa is a new character introduced in Street Fighter 6. She is a powerful gladiatorial-style fighter with an intimidating figure. Marisa hails from Italy and packs a mean punch if an enemy gets too close to her.

Marisa is a formidable close-to-mid-range combatant capable of dealing monstrous damage with combos and punches. She also has excellent supers, focused on dishing out as much damage as possible. Marisa has been an extremely popular pick in the ranked scene of Street Fighter 6 for her simplicity and effectiveness.

Newer players and veterans alike can make the most out of Marisa's powerful kit to have a great time in the ranked mode of Street Fighter 6.

2) Manon


Manon is a world champion in the art of Judoka and makes her debut in Street Fighter 6. She comes from France and utilizes judo moves along with ballet dancing.

Manon has a playstyle that revolves around grappling. Her grabs are devastating and can do immense damage if it connects. She also has a medal system in her moveset, which is exclusive to her. This powers up her special moves, depending on the specific grab moves she has done during a match.

Manon is highly versatile and can be a deadly force in range and up close. She is pretty tricky for newer players to master. However, with practice and time, playing as Manon can allow players to dominate their ranked games.

3) Zangief


Zangief is a very recognizable character in the Street Fighter franchise. The Russian titan returns in Street Fighter 6. Zangief is known for his terrifying presence on the screen and is the tallest character in the game.

Zangief's fame comes from his brutish strength in close-to-mid-range combat. While he often has troubles concerning mobility and ranged fighters, it gets compensated by his incredible damage at close quarters. Despite his slow nature, the Russian has moves to counter projectiles and air attacks.

Zangief has always been considered a top-tier character in various Street Fighter games, and it is no different in the sixth installment. The wrestling expert will surely bring players plenty of success in ranked games if they devote time to hone his moves and playstyle.

4) Guile


Guile is one of the most famous characters in the Street Fighter franchise. The US Air Force Colonel has been a mainstay in the franchise and is known for his iconic haircut and exciting moveset.

Guile is a fighter who rewards patient players capitalizing on their opponent's moves. He is a complex character to master but yields great rewards when the time and effort are pooled in to get good at him. Guile's defensive and offensive capabilities make him a solid character to pick up for players looking to climb up the ranks.

His ability to dish out good damage and his decent mobility are prime factors for his presence as one of the best characters in ranked Street Fighter 6.

5) Kimberly


Kimberly is another brand new character in Street Fighter 6. She has a very vibrant presence on the screen, exceptional mobility, and colorful Super Art.

Kimberly is also one of the easiest characters to pick up in the game. Her kit is fun to play with and allows her to constantly bait opponents with her superior mobility to give herself windows of opportunity to inflict damage. She can also set herself up for combos and create even more chaos with her unique Shuriken Bombs.

Due to these reasons, Kimberly is a safe and strong option for players to try out in the ranked games of Street Fighter 6.

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