10 coolest Supers in Street Fighter 6

Street Fighter 6 characters have devastating Super Arts (Images via Street Fighter)
Street Fighter 6 characters have great Super Arts. (Images via Street Fighter)

Street Fighter 6 was officially released on June 2, 2023, on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X and S, and Microsoft Windows, via Steam. The game features 18 characters with unique movesets and fighting styles. While some of them have previously appeared in the franchise, others are new additions. Players will be happy to know that some of the characters come with very cool Supers that allow for powerful moves and impressive attacks.

Here are the 10 best Supers that can currently be activated in Street Fighter 6.

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JP, Ken, Cammy, and 7 others have amazing Supers in Street Fighter 6

1) Zangief - Bolshoi Storm Buster


Zangief is one of the strongest and most intimidating characters in Street Fighter 6, thanks to his imposing physique and extreme strength. His Super, Bolshoi Storm Buster, is a highly impactful move, which deals massive damage.

It is also one of the coolest-looking super arts as Zangief throws his enemy up into the air before powerbombing them back to the ground. The visual effects and the impact of the move make it quite a treat to watch.

2) Dhalsim - Merciless Yoga


Dhalsim has quite an interesting and fun moveset in Street Fighter 6. It consists of stretching attacks and fire blasts. His Super, Merciless Yoga, sees Dhalsim punch his enemy up into the air before sending out a flurry of attacks with his stretched arms.

Just as the opponent is about to fall, Dhalsim teleports behind them and descends like a fireball to make them crash into the ground. The move showcases Dhalsim's powers in a spectacular fashion.

3) Blanka - Ground Shave Cannonball


Blanka, with his feral looks and the ability to control electricity, is a unique character in Street Fighter 6. He comes from the Brazilian jungles and packs a punch with moves such as Blanka Ball.

Blanka's Super, Ground Shave Cannonball, allows him to bite his enemy a couple of times before uppercutting them into the air. He then turns into an electric cannonball himself and rams into his opponent mid-air, electrocuting them. The move perfectly encapsulates Blanka's fighting tendencies and is visually appealing.

4) Dee Jay - Weekend Pleasure


Dee Jay is a musician with dazzling moves and an upbeat attitude. The Jamaican never fails to enthrall players with his unique fighting style, which incorporates breakdancing.

In Street Fighter 6, Dee Jay unleashes a powerful uppercut as part of his Super, Weekend Pleasure, and follows it up with a barrage of punches so his opponent falls down. Then, he punches them to flip them mid-air and delivers another series of punches. This fast-paced Super is truly a visual masterpiece.

5) Ken - Shinryu Reppa


Ken is one of the original characters in the Street Fighter franchise. He appears in Street Fighter 6 with his signature Shoryuken attack and quick combos to defeat his enemies.

Ken's Super, Shinryu Reppa, launches his opponent in the air with a double Shoryuken. He then powers up a final Shoryuken to send them high up in the air. The fiery effects on every Shoryuken look quite cool, and Ken creates a mini whirlwind of fire during the final one.

6) JP - Interdiction


JP is a newly introduced character in Street Fighter 6. The leader of Amnesia has a mysterious aura, and his moveset mainly consists of ranged attacks.

His Super, Interdiction, is quite unique as JP grabs his opponent and infuses them with Psycho Power. He then detonates this substance with his trusty cane, making them explode from within. While the move is rather disturbing, it is an innovative addition to Street Fighter 6.

7) Cammy - Delta Red Assault


Cammy is a long-standing character in the Street Fighter video game series. She is an agile fighter and has a strong presence.

Delta Red Assault is Cammy's Super in Street Fighter 6. She makes her opponent fall to their knees with a series of lightning-fast attacks before closing the move out with a stylish but devastating kick. The visuals showcase Cammy's speed and strength fittingly.

8) Kimberly - Bushin Ninjastar Cypher


Kimberly is an African-American character making her debut in Street Fighter 6. She is a ninja specializing in the Bushinryu style, and she has her own methods of utilizing it.

Kimberly's Super, Bushin Ninjastar Cypher, is one of the most colorful and vibrant moves in the game. She launches her opponent alongside plenty of spray cans and proceeds to attack them while simultaneously popping the spray cans. When she eventually brings the enemy down, they appear completely covered in spray paint and resemble a graffiti. This Super is quite lively and fits Kimberly's personality to a tee.

9) Marisa - Goddess of the Hunt


Marisa, another debutant in the Street Fighter world, wreaks havoc with her powerful close-range moves, which can be attributed to her enormous strength and towering figure.

Marisa's Super, Goddess of the Hunt, is one of the most impressive displays of strength in Street Fighter 6. She begins by tackling her opponent into the dirt. Once the dust settles, they look up to see Marisa standing imposingly above them. She then delivers a devastating punch, sending them flying into a wall.

This move is quite dangerous and showcases just how strong Marisa can be in-game.

10) Guile - Crossfire Somersault


Guile is one of the most recognizable characters from the Street Fighter franchise. He packs a punch in Street Fighter 6 and has some very cool moves, including his Super Crossfire Somersault.

Guile launches his opponents into the air with a somersault kick. After charging up, he follows them to deliver a much more devastating somersault kick and knock them out. The visual accompanying this move are exceptional as Guile's physical strength and agility are on full display.

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