Destiny 2: Cheater who allegedly threatened to burn down office sued by Bungie

Destiny 2 developer Bungie recently sued an individual for threatening its employees (Image via Bungie)
Destiny 2 developer Bungie recently sued an individual for threatening its employees (Image via Bungie)
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In a weird twist of events, an alleged cheater in Destiny 2, who threatened to burn down Bungie's office in Seattle, has now been sued by the devs. The lawsuit comes in light of the recent legal actions that the studio has taken against cheat makers and is now moving on to individuals who have repeatedly used exploits in the game.

The individual in question is known as Luca Leone and has been accused of cheating in Destiny 2. He allegedly streamed the game while using cheats and has also threatened Bungie employees over Twitter.

Bungie accuses Destiny 2 streamer of continuously cheating in the game


As mentioned in the lawsuit against Leone, Bungie has alleged that the individual repeatedly used cheats that ruined the experience of other players in the game. Moreover, despite being banned for using cheats, this individual kept making new accounts to evade these bans, blatantly ignoring the game's Limited Software License Agreement (LSLA).

The allegations don't stop here. Bungie further alleged that this individual sold Destiny 2 emblems. For the uninitiated, emblems are cosmetic items that alter the overall banner of the game on the character customization screen. These items are very valuable, especially to collectors.

The lawsuit also mentions that the individual in question is allegedly a member of the OGUsers forum. This forum is allegedly behind hacking and selling various social media accounts.

The allegations don't end there. Leone was allegedly behind an account on Twitter that had made threats against Dylan Gafner, Bungie's community manager, popularly known as dmg.

In a series of tweets, Leone first shared a picture of dmg's employee badge. In a follow-up tweet, he wrote, "I just realized I'll be moving to a place that's 30 minutes away from dmg." He followed this tweet with, "He is not safe."


These aren't the only threats that Leone allegedly made on Twitter. Bungie claims that there were multiple tweets on his profile threatening Gafner. To make matters worse, the company figured out that the individual was actually moving to Washington.

While threatening the community manager was one thing, this individual also allegedly spoke about burning Destiny 2's parent company to the ground. One particular user had asked if someone was willing to commit arson at a location that they specified at a later time. Leone responded to the tweet, saying that he was in Washington and that the user would get a discount if the arson target was the Bungie HQ.

The individual threatened to burn Bungie's office down on Twitter (Screenshot by Bungie)
The individual threatened to burn Bungie's office down on Twitter (Screenshot by Bungie)

After being served a lawsuit, the individual has made his Twitter account private and is yet to make a statement. This isn't the first time that the developers have been harassed on social media. While dmg actively interacts with the Destiny 2 community on Twitter, others have refrained from doing so after repeatedly being harassed by some users on the popular microblogging website.

This entire incident brings to light how toxic the Destiny 2 community can be. While the community has always been vocal about the things they like and dislike in the game, a few individuals target the developers personally. Hopefully, this lawsuit against Leone sets precedence and discourages other trolls from harassing or threatening the developers in such a manner.

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