Diablo Immortal tier list: Ranking classes from best to worst

Diablo Immortal's classes are fun to play, but which are the best? (Image via Activision Blizzard)
Diablo Immortal's classes are fun to play, but which are the best? (Image via Activision Blizzard)

Diablo Immortal has launched on mobile and PC and has six character classes at the moment for players to try. They vary in what they can do in combat, and what they offer to parties, as well as overall difficulty.

Some classes are definitely better than others when it comes to overall gameplay, but one caveat is important to keep in mind. This tier list is the opinion of one writer, and the opinions of other players will no doubt differ, from person to person.

All character classes in Diablo Immortal, ranked from best to worst


When it comes to characters in Diablo Immortal, their power varies when you consider forms of gameplay. There’s PvP to consider, Challenge Rifts, regular party gameplay, as well as difficulty and the fun factor.

In the future, players will be able to change their class through the Class Change mechanic, but for the time being, they have to give their initial character a great deal of thought.

At the end of the day, people should play whatever class excites them the most, regardless of what tier it is, but there are certain classes that perform better than others. Which one stands out, and which one lags behind?

The tier list will go by the following alphabetical system

  • S-Tier
  • A-Tier
  • B-Tier

S-Tier classes in Diablo Immortal

S-Tier classes are the cream of the crop

  • Demon Hunter
  • Barbarian

Demon Hunter is the class the writer of this list is currently playing, and they seem to dominate nearly every group. They are incredible in every way. Their damage is absolutely insane, they can use traps and turrets to slow down foes and keep things fresh, and their base skill set is also useful.


Demon Hunters in Diablo Immortal start off slow and uninspiring, but as the leveling process continues, their damage really ramps up. Their single-target damage is second-to-none, and their AoE isn’t too bad either.

Barbarians may not have a ton of armor to back them up at first, but they clear away groups of enemies with speed and finesse. They have the ability to keep their health pool topped off, skills to move quickly, and all this combines into an axe-wielding force of nature.


Players just need to make sure Barbarians have enough focus to keep slashing through foes, but that won’t’ be too difficult. On top of that, they’re easy to play, wind up being very durable, and have useful Crowd Control options.

A-Tier classes in Diablo Immortal

The A-Tier classes are great as well, but lack one tiny something

  • Necromancer
  • Crusader

Necromancers are the writer’s personal favorite class, and they’re also wildly powerful. Thanks to their army of skeletons and the power of Corpse Explosion, they are great solo characters. They’re easy, powerful, and drop tons of AoE damage on anything, as long as there’s a dead body nearby.


The only real downside to Necromancers is that once they start running out of bodies to blow up, like in boss fights, things can really slow down. Most bosses seem to have friends though, which means they can keep going. Either way, Necromancers in Diablo Immortal are satisfying and fun to play.

Crusaders can do solid AoE damage, but they don’t crank out quite the same numbers as, say, Demon Hunter. The class is fun though, and they can take a hit better than anyone else in the game. Crusaders can buff their allies, ride around on a horse, and keep things in place thanks to Crowd Control.


Their main weakness has to be their single-target battles. Fighting bosses as a solo Crusader can be a tedious experience, much like Necromancer. They have pretty high-timer cooldowns too, but on the other hand, their skills are all quite powerful.

B-Tier classes in Diablo Immortal

B-Tier classes are fun but take quite a bit of work

  • Monk
  • Wizard

Monks' relatively low cooldowns really help them shine on the battlefield, especially when combined with their high mobility. They buff and shield and do decent damage, but that’s where the fun ends. Monks look incredible, and their moves are flashy, but they don’t do exceptional damage.


Of course, anyone can do great damage with enough work, but Monks take an exceptional amount of work in Diablo Immortal. They’re a solid support class though and are enjoyable to play as. If a player wants powerhouse damage, however, they may not find it here.

Wizards are in a similar boat because their attacks are brilliant to watch. They can be powerful, for sure. They have lots of single-target and AoE options and shielding to keep them alive.


Wizards aren’t very durable, and while they have a lot of great abilities, the vast majority of those skills are reactive. It’s a class that’s built around combos and takes more skill and effort than the other classes. That doesn’t make it a bad class by any stretch, but players will have to put more work in than, say, Demon Hunter.

The Diablo Immortal Tier List may change in the future as classes improve or weaken, or more classes get added to the game. Until players can freely change classes at will, they’ll have to carefully consider the future, and this may give some insight into what is powerful and what takes some work.

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