Disney Dreamlight Valley Guide: A Friendly Exchange Bug and possible fix

A friendly exchange is a quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley (Image via Youtube - Game Gem)
A friendly exchange is a quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley (Image via YouTube/GameGem)

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a life-simulation game from developer Gameloft, where you’ll be able to spend time in a magical village populated with some of the most well-known Disney characters. You can design your own home, decorate the valley and take up hobbies to spend some relaxation time in this virtual world.

One highlight of Disney Dreamlight Valley is the quests you can complete, a feature not present in most simulation games. These quests entail various requests from Disney characters in the valley, which nets you some bonus rewards and increases your friendship with the character.

One such quest in the Disney Dreamlight Valley is A Friendly Exchange, which involves Ariel the mermaid and Wall-E. This quest was recently bogged down with a few bugs that prevented players from completing it. The following section dives into some of the main problems players faced in the quest and possible workarounds suggested by other users.

A Friendly Exchange quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley


This quest is attained after you’ve played Disney Dreamlight Valley for some time. It involves Ariel the Mermaid and Wall-E, both of whom you will have to unlock and bring to the valley as residents. You can only obtain this quest after you have reached friendship level 10 with Wall-E.

Wall-E needs your help in Disney Dreamlight Valley (Image via Youtube - Game Gem)
Wall-E needs your help in Disney Dreamlight Valley (Image via Youtube - Game Gem)

The quest revolves around restoring Wall-E’s memories and requires Ariel's help. Further along in the quest, you’ll need to collect three unique items around the map, which spawn only for this task. After you’ve collected these, you have to hand them to Wall-E, and they will have a conversation with Ariel. After this conversation, you’ll need to speak to Wall-E again to end the quest.

Bugs in A Friendly Exchange

There are two major bugs that players have so far come across in A Friendly Exchange quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley. They are:

A. The game does not show the prompt to pick up the light bulb in Wall-E’s house. This is possible because the item is spawned only for this quest and thus glitches in a way that does not give the player any option to pick it up.

Picking up the light bulb (Image via Youtube - Game Gem)
Picking up the light bulb (Image via Youtube - Game Gem)

B. After handing the items to Wall-E, he and Ariel are required to meet and have a conversation and trade items. However, this does not seem to occur at certain times, with Wall-E making no move to go and meet Ariel.

An explanation for this might be because Ariel, unlike other NPCs on the map, does move around conventionally and uses only the waterways. Thus, the AI for Wall-E’s character might be having trouble locking down the point where they should meet.

The conversation between Wall-E and Ariel (Image via Youtube - Game Gem)
The conversation between Wall-E and Ariel (Image via Youtube - Game Gem)

Possible workarounds

Redditors have posted many threads regarding the above issues, and some users have come to the rescue by providing certain workarounds that seem to work for them and others. For the problem regarding picking up the light buld, Reddit user Unicorn_Marchingband had the following to say:

“I was walking around it a few times and noticed that "E Pick up" was flashing for a second at a certain spot. If you stand directly in front of it you can't pick it up, but if you stand at a bit of a distance you should be able to, if I remember correctly I had my back turned to the wall.”

For those who are having problems getting the two NPCs to talk to each other at the end of the quest, a few people have come forward with a few solutions. Reddit user neahmarie said:

“I had to make sure wall e wasn’t hanging out with me and then i talked to him and ariel separately and for some reason that finally triggered them talking to eachother lol.”

Another user by the name of lezbekat offered the following advice:

“I found just waiting is best. Move on to something else. Go collect resources or something. Hang out with a different buddy. Eventually you'll see the characters on the map next to each other not moving. That's when they're ready to talk. Just walking up near them, but not too close, should trigger the speech bubbles above their heads."

They continued:

"If you want to know where they'll be when they talk: Wall-E and Ariel will be on the beach near the entrance to the Forest. Anna and Kristoff will be just inside the Forest if you use the entrance from the Plaza.”

Those were some ways to resolve the bigs in Disney Dreamlight Valley. As the game is in early access, there will be a few hitches, and Gameloft has acknowledged the bugs being pointed out in the community. Future patches will iron out these issues.

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