Dying Light 2 guide: How to level up faster

There are a variety of ways to earn experience points in Dying Light 2(Image via Techland)
There are a variety of ways to earn experience points in Dying Light 2(Image via Techland)

Dying Light 2, Techland's second open-world zombie role-playing game, is now available on most major platforms. In Dying Light 2, there are a variety of ways to earn experience points other than completing the main tale.

Players got experience points by bounding around and taking down enemies in the original 2015 Dying Light. Aiden Caldwell can level up and unlock his combat and parkour skills in Dying Light 2 by running, jumping, climbing, and battling.

While players will level at a set rate simply by playing, they can speed up their progression by changing their strategy.

Here are some tips to level up faster in Dying Light 2

1) Parkour challenge


Parkour Challenges in Dying Light 2 can be found everywhere across Villedor, and completing them will earn players Parkour XP. The goal of these tasks will be to get to a specified spot in the allotted time. Players will earn a lot of Parkour XP if they accomplish it.

To level up quickly, players have to get their hands on, as with almost every activity, from the tiniest of mantles to the largest of leaps, awards experience points.

2) Side missions


Side quests become available after completing the first two or three main missions, and they're a great opportunity to earn extra levels on the side. Some even provide players with thousands of combat or parkour points.

While a few side missions in Dying Light 2 grant experience in both skill trees, most of them favor one over the other. So, if players are interested in a specific ability but are having trouble gaining experience points in combat or parkour, try a side mission. It will help to upgrade points.

3) Night Bonus


In Dying Light 2, any activity players complete at night earns them additional XP. The threat of infected enemies is much larger at night, and players will be up against much harder foes.

Whether players go out at night to collect XP is entirely up to them. Running at night, like in the first game, almost doubles the number of experience players gain, making the dark ideal for leveling.

4) Raiding military supply drops


Raiding military supply drops is another way to swiftly get XP and level up. Go to a tall building and scout the area with the binoculars for these drops. Military drops can be found on the tops of towering buildings, and opening them will earn players a lot of experience points.

5) Metro Stations


Once players reach the Central Loop in the second section of the map, they can access Metro Stations. Players can earn fight points by finding and activating these Metro Stations. As a result, this is a fantastic technique to swiftly raise the combat level.

Unlocking Metro stations not only earns players a lot of XP, but it also allows players to travel quickly to these stations.

6) Windmills


Windmills strewn across the city serve as safe havens, as well as places to store belongings and buy products from NPCs. They also provide a convenient base from which to do neighboring side-quests and challenges, allowing players to earn extra XP. All players have to do now is activate the windmill, which requires stamina.

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