Top 5 FIFA 22 glitches of the week (October 1-7)

Glitches in the opening week have been extremely frustrating (Image via EA Sports)
Glitches in the opening week have been extremely frustrating (Image via EA Sports)

FIFA 22 has been out on all platforms since its release on October 1. The game has got new features for all its players.

However, it's not all satisfying as the first week of the game has seen players report several glitches spread across all platforms. FIFA 22 has improved and added new elements. It seems that the glitches are ruining the experience of the players. While certain glitches were evident in the early access, FIFA 22 has plenty of problems as the player base increases.

As the first week of FIFA 22 is about to end, let's take a look at the top 5 glitches that irritated players all over the globe. Some of these FIFA 22 glitches are amusing while others are more serious.

FIFA 22: Top 5 glitches of the first week

5) Free kick glitch

Free kicks are great opportunities to increase the goals in your favor. FIFA 22 is no different, but the player found himself in a more rewarding position on one such occasion. Due to the glitch, the ball was placed right in front of the goal like an indirect freekick. But the proximity to the goal was minimal, and the wall stood behind the goal! The user got a bonus goal, but it can be highly irritating if any player was at the receiving end of such a horrible glitch.


4) Penalty glitch

There is plenty of debate about whether this is a glitch or not. In the clip, the offending defender fouls the opponent player but is behind the goal line. Many players have claimed what was thought to be a glitched penalty was an indirect freekick.

But given how the player who scores the goal scores directly, that in itself makes it a glitch as well. Indirect freekicks need at least a touch before shooting and scoring from it. Not to mention, the position of the goalkeeper or the absence of it is even more bizarre.

3) Random crazy game mechanics and ragdolls

These glitches seem to happen to different players in different manners in FIFA 22. However, this is a common occurrence, as many players have reported it. While some have divulged strange visual mechanics, others have posted hilarious gameplays, which makes one question how such things could even exist in FIFA 22.

2) Goalkeepers playing like amateurs and AI scoring own goals

Goalkeepers are OP in FIFA 22 at any level. So when suddenly they palm the ball towards goal or dive above the ball, the glitch becomes very apparent.


Interestingly, AI defenders keep scoring own goals in random ways. This has been reported in both squad battles and career mode in FIFA 22. Some own goals are pure tap-ins, while some are world-class finishes.


1) Stutters and freezes

This one is a serious issue that has been happening for many players. Initially, players thought that the specifications or internet connection were the problems. But as it turns out, a lot of players on PC are suffering from it. The stutters keep varying in length and time.

My personal experience with this glitch was horrible as it made FIFA 22 unplayable on launch day. Some solutions like deleting temporary files and upgrading the GPU drivers have appeared, but the issue persists. There are also instances when on some occasions, the game overuses the GPU, and that causes lag and overheating.

Players' reactions to FIFA 22 glitches

EA Sports has acknowledged the situation and has fixed some and is trying to fix others. But some players are irritated by the repetition of the same events every year.

Others have already asked for a major update for FIFA 22 to dispose of the bugs.

FIFA 22 is still in its infancy. Players will hope that EA can fix the glitches so that the game can run smoothly. With important promos for Halloween and Christmas coming soon, the developers will have to act fast to satisfy the player base.