FIFA 22 Ultimate Team: How to get one of Mbappe, Foden and more for free

Every FIFA 22 player will be able to obtain one of the six Next Generation stars quite soon (Image via EA Sports)
Every FIFA 22 player will be able to obtain one of the six Next Generation stars quite soon (Image via EA Sports)
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FIFA 22 players will have the exciting opportunity to have one of the world's best youngsters on hand for absolutely no extra cost at all, assuming they have already bought the game.

FIFA 22 Next Generation is a promo like no other, and it is still close to a month away before arriving at the game. However, the community has been buzzing ever since EA Sports broke the news on November 18.

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The Next Generation features some of the best upcoming prospects from the world of football. All of them have already achieved stardom at a relatively young age but have a lot more to achieve. So, which prodigies are available, and how can players obtain one at no extra cost in FIFA 22?

Full list of Next Generation player items in FIFA 22, and how can players obtain one of them for free

As mentioned, Next Generation is different from regular FIFA 22 promos. First, this promo will feature player items that are young, talented, and have already made a strong impression in their first few seasons of football.

Second, player items from the Next Generation promo are unlikely to be made available on either SBCs (squad building challenges) or in packs. These items will be obtainable free of cost in FIFA 22.

List of Next Generation player items

EA Sports has already revealed the list of player items that will feature in the Next Generation promo. These player items, along with their overalls, are:

Kylian Mbappe LW 86

Eduardo Camavinga CM 81

Jude Bellingham CM 81

Phil Foden CAM 85

Christian Pulisic LW 83

Theo Hernández LB 85

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FIFA 22 players may be surprised at the lesser overalls, especially that of Mbappe. However, the Next Generation player items mark the defining moment when these footballers become stars from highly-rated prospects.

How can FIFA 22 players obtain these player items for free?

If FIFA 22 players play before January 15, 2022, at least once, they will receive one out of these six items at absolutely no extra cost. All FIFA 22 players will have the chance to win, irrespective of their platform or editions they own.


So that's all a FIFA 22 player needs to do - buy the game and play, at least once, by January 15.

When will FIFA 22 players receive the items?

The first rollout of rewards will start on December 15th, and the rewards will be random. To reiterate, Next Generation player items in FIFA 22 will be completely untradeable, and the only way to obtain one is to play the game at least once before January 15.

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