FIFA 23 Ultimate Team: 5 best potential promos in upcoming game

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team will continue the annual trend of themed content updates (Image via EA Sports)
FIFA 23 Ultimate Team will continue the annual trend of themed content updates (Image via EA Sports)

Ultimate Team is by far the most popular game mode in FIFA, and with FIFA 23's release just around the corner, EA Sports has revealed a host of new features and changes being introduced in the upcoming title.

FIFA Ultimate Team, also known as FUT, is a live-service game mode that receives content regularly during the annual cycle of the game. It is replete with microtransactions, making the mode incredibly profitable for EA.


These content updates occur in the form of 'promos,' where EA adds teams of boosted cards for users to pack and unlock. There are multiple promos throughout the game cycle, with some being more popular with fans than others.

With EA and FIFA parting ways after FIFA 23, the upcoming title will definitely feature more exciting and engaging content than ever to end on a glorious note.

These are some of the most popular recurring promos that might return in FIFA 23

1) Team of the Year (TOTY)


Team of the Year is by far one of the most awaited and popular promos in FIFA every year. It celebrates the individual performances and achievements of the best players in the world, giving them highly boosted special cards.

It is also one of the most financially profitable promos for EA, as fans spend large amounts of money on FIFA points, hoping to pack one of these rare items in-game.

In the early years of FUT, EA Sports emulated the real-life annual TOTY awards. However, the system has changed over time and is now entirely vote-based, with the community deciding which footballers are included. This trend will most likely continue in FIFA 23.

2) Future Stars


Future Stars was first introduced in FIFA 19 and has quickly become one of the series' most enjoyable and beloved promos. This event recognizes the top young talents in the world and gives them boosted items in the title, and fans will be eager to see which athletes are included in FIFA 23.

This concept is unique, and its speculative nature engages the community's interest, unlike any other promo. The Future Stars items genuinely encapsulate the essence of FUT as a purely fantasy-based game mode where fans can play with their favorite players while also discovering hidden gems and underrated talent.

3) FUT Birthday


Ultimate Team was initially released as a paid DLC (Downloadable Content) in FIFA 09. Since then, the game mode has grown into the most essential part of the annual FIFA experience, and FUT Birthday is EA's way of celebrating the game mode's anniversary every year.

The theme for this promo has seen many changes over the years. From throwback cards to position changes and skill moves/weak foot boosts, EA ensures that FUT Birthday cards are some of the most desirable items in the game.

During this promo, they also reward gamers with free packs based on their activity level to celebrate their loyalty and dedication.

FIFA 23 will mark the 14th anniversary of FUT, and with EA's partnership with FIFA coming to an end, fans can be assured that FUT Birthday will be even more special this year.

4) Team of the Season (TOTS)


Like Team of the Year, Team of the Season honors and celebrates the real-life performances and achievements of deserving athletes. However, this promo occurs towards the end of the game cycle, unlike TOTY, which takes place in January.

TOTS includes squads of boosted special items from all of the top leagues in the world, making it an extensive promo that continues for over a month. User engagement is at its peak during this time of the year, as packs and competitive game modes are more rewarding than ever.

TOTS is a staple of the annual FUT cycle, and fans can expect more of the same in FIFA 23.

5) World Cup-themed content


The FIFA Men's World Cup will be held in Qatar in November 2022, and fans can expect EA Sports to incorporate this event into the title as a themed promo.

EA Sports has confirmed that a dedicated World Cup game mode will be available in FIFA 23, along with World Cup-themed FUT Hero items. However, judging by the content released during previous international tournaments, users can also expect performance-based content in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.

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