Fortnite: The One Percent team finally announced; here is how you can join them

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Just a few days ago, a group of Fortnite content creators/streamers announced that they were forming an all-new organisation called “The One Percent”. While the current team is made up of Randumb, Nicks, Kiwiz, Formula, Razz and Aeolus, the two videos that have been released till now suggest that more members are soon to follow.

Further, out of the six, Randumb, Nicks, Kiwiz and Formula were all part of Luminosity Gaming's Fortnite team till the end of June. The four had joined the organisation on 29th June 2019 on one-year contracts. Once their contracts ran out and they left, people across the gaming community started wondering about their next move, as far as Fortnite competitive gaming was concerned.

The new Fortnite team

Around 30th June, a Twitter account by the name of One Percent was created, after which a series of cryptic tweets were posted:


This proved enough to send Fortnite fans into a tizzy, and within days, over a hundred thousand people had followed the Twitter account. The countdown ended on the 7th of July, while an introductory video was posted a day earlier. In the video, fans can see the multi-million dollar mansion that is going to be the headquarters of the all new Fortnite team.

You can see the video posted on the official One Percent YouTube and Twitter pages below. The mansion has been called the 'One Percent Fortnite House'!


Randumb, one of the members and co-founders of the new Fortnite team, went a step further and compared the team’s new gaming headquarters with the one that they were used to, at Luminosity Gaming.

Expensive cars and the huge mansion aside, the group had for a few days indicated that new members will be joining the team. Yesterday, a video explaining the same was posted.

How to join One Percent?

The video talks about the following positions that the One Percent team wants to fill over the coming weeks.

Merchandise designers

Nick can be seen encouraging designers from across the world, with the team looking to expand their merchandise range across genres. Further, you do not need to be from a sporting background, and are welcome to apply if you have creative and innovative ideas and designs!


Content creators

Again, the One Percent team is looking to enlist creative content creators who are unique and have something new to offer. Nick explained that it does not matter if you have only a handful of followers on your platforms; you will be considered if you are unique, and show good creativity.

Further into the video, Alex aka Formula takes over to explain further content creator requirements. He stressed that the group does not really care about the success that you might be experiencing as of now, and would rather take somebody creative who isn’t afraid to post content across newer social media platforms like TikTok and Twitch.


Pro players

For this part of the video, Kiwiz took over and explained that while it is easier for content creators and designers to join the team, they are also looking for professional Fortnite players and streamers. Apart from gaming skills, he talked about the quantity and quality of content, and stressed that they are looking for players who do not mind spending most of their day playing Fortnite. Of course, winning tournaments and getting placements is also important!

Around this time, Randumb is handed the reins and he talks about the increased interest in aesthetic shots and trickshot series that have gained traction over the past year or so. He explained that they are looking to expand and create content of as many types as possible. Hence, if you are a highly-skilled trickshotter, your job just got a whole lot easier!

For reference, you can check out Kiwiz' Call of Duty trickshot series on his YouTube account!


Other Fortnite-related opportunities

The video also talks about subsequent opportunities that they are going to post about, including a ‘One Percent’ rap video which will feature an appearance from Randumb’s own Mclaren 600LT!

Finally, Razz talked about further opportunities for editors, videographers and photographers that they will be posting about in the near future. Here too, creativity and being courageous with content platforms is what they will be looking for.

You can watch the entire video below:


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