Genshin Impact fans are unhappy over Fischl not having featured in the last 11 banners

Fans want to see Fischl become featured on a banner again (Image via Genshin Impact)
Fans want to see Fischl become featured on a banner again (Image via Genshin Impact)
Alan Sahbegovic

With Genshin Impact 2.4's banners being officially unveiled to the public, some fans wonder why Fischl hasn't appeared in a long time.

Fischl is a 4-star Electro Bow user best known for her unnecessarily long dialog and easy-to-use Elemental Skill involving Oz. Naturally, she has fans who would love to acquire her more easily through banners.

That's where the problem is for them; Fischl hasn't been a focal point in 11 banners. The last time she was featured was back in the 1.6 update during Klee's rerun. Likewise, her role in the story has been virtually non-existent, much to the disappointment of some fans.

Fischl hasn't appeared in 11 banners and Genshin Impact fans miss her

User HudBlanco posted an excellent infographic displaying every 4-star character and when they were last featured. The top part includes the 5-star character banners and the relevant update ranging from 1.0 to 2.4.

Fischl fans will notice her a few rows down, right underneath Barbara. She debuted in Venti's banner in the 1.0 update and wasn't featured again until Albedo's banner in 1.2.

Fischl was once again prominent in Childe's banner in 1.4 and was finally featured in Klee's banner back in the 1.6 update.

Fischl hasn't been a focal point in any character banner in a long time (Image via Genshin Impact)
Fischl hasn't been a focal point in any character banner in a long time (Image via Genshin Impact)

If the player sees a 4-star character's image in that infographic, then it means they were featured in that banner. The numbers between these pictures indicate how many banners have passed since they were last featured.

Fischl has not appeared in the last 11 banners, the most out of any character. Before that, she was featured four times. Fischl has been confirmed not to be one of the main 4-star characters in Genshin Impact 2.4, which accounts for two of those 11 banners.

She's still available in every banner, but not as a boosted unit (Image via Genshin Impact)
She's still available in every banner, but not as a boosted unit (Image via Genshin Impact)

Other noteworthy 4-star characters who haven't been featured in a while include:

  • Razor (last appeared on Kazuha's banner in the 1.6 update)
  • Xinyan (last appeared on Yoimiya's banner in the 2.0 update)
  • Kujou Sara (last appeared on the Raiden Shogun's banner in the 2.1 update)

That means Razor hasn't been featured in ten banners (only one behind Fischl). By comparison, Xinyan and Kujou Sara have been absent for eight and seven banners, respectively. It's strange for Kujou Sara, as she has only been featured once.

Twitter reactions


Fischl's absence was noticed long before Genshin Impact 2.4's banners were announced. The above tweet is a response to Itto's banner, as the user wonders where Fischl and Kujou Sara are.

Unfortunately for that Twitter user, neither character will be featured in a 2.4 banner.

when will they put fischl back on the banner? i need more cons of her 🥲
genshin player who is sad bc they still didn't get fischl:')
i feel like ive never seen fischl on a banner ever since i started playing genshin

It's difficult for Travelers to get a copy of Fischl if her appearance rate hasn't been boosted for at least 11 banners. Otherwise, they have to rely on substantially smaller odds, which may result in them getting any of the other non-featured 4-star characters.

Some Genshin Impact players wonder why Fischl hasn't been a focal point of any banner in several months. While there is a reason connected to that, this article focuses simply on players' reactions.

Genshin Januray Starglitter Shop Update -* Fischl + Xiangling* Blackcliff weaponsAyyy
@mr_dandandan Yoooo this is the only way I am getting Fischl cons coz she is rarely in the banner rate up 🥲

On the bright side, Fischl is available in the Starglitter Exchange for January 2022 (alongside Xiangling). Several Travelers who wanted to get a copy of her through a banner can now claim one there.

The second tweet here even references her blatant absence from recent Wishes.

I.....I haven't seen Fischl in a banner since forever! Speficifically since June 2021…

The recent Genshin Impact 2.4 banners excite plenty of players, but one can't help but feel sad for Fischl fans. The June 2021 date that the user was referring to is about Klee's rerun in Genshin Impact 1.6, which was the last time Fischl was featured.

That means Fischl hasn't been a major part of any banner for at least six months.

i'm fine skipping xiao's banner i do not need him. i DO need fischl tho
yo i kinda miss fischl hmm havent seen her for awhile in the banner

Although Fischl is nowhere to be seen in the recent Genshin Impact banners, that doesn't mean her fans forgot about her. The first of this batch of tweets refers to a user who doesn't care about Xiao's rerun in Genshin Impact 2.4 but wants to see Fischl again.

The second tweet is another example of a user wondering where Fischl is. It also exemplifies a player missing her.

the fact that fischl has pretty much not been on a single banner since i’ve started (last week of klee) yet i just got her c3 today

Some players have still found success in obtaining her Constellations. This tweet also serves as a reminder that some players have started playing Genshin Impact and may not have seen Fischl featured since.

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