"Glad I got an Xbox": Fans react in hilarious ways after Elden Ring reveals minimum requirement of 12 GB of RAM

Elden Ring will require 12 GB of RAM to run on PC (Image via FromSoftware)
Elden Ring will require 12 GB of RAM to run on PC (Image via FromSoftware)

As the end of February approaches, so does the release date of the hotly anticipated Elden Ring. Earlier today, the developers revealed important information as PC players got to know about the system requirements.

FromSoftware will be looking to build on the success of their Dark Souls performance with yet another hit title. The level of anticipation for Elden Ring has been massive, and it has even won the most anticipated game title at The Game Awards. While there are certain features that fans will identify straight away, the 2022 release will also have unique additions.

However, knowing the game's requirements is also essential, and it has been revealed that PC players will require at least 12 GB of RAM. This has created a flurry of activity on social media, as many players have been surprised by the minimum RAM requirement.

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The Elden Ring community was taken by surprise with the 12 GB of RAM requirement

While games are increasingly becoming resource-heavy, 8 GB of RAM is still the industry standard for minimum requirements. Dying Light 2, a game with a massive game world, runs on 8 GB as an example. While there are always games like Crysis that take it to the next level, many fans expect Elden Ring to run on 8 GB of RAM.

With that not being the case, there have been several reactions on social media over time. While some players believe it's expected, others feel hard done by with the minimum requirement.

The debate between PCs and consoles has been an ongoing debate for a long time, and it has become the topic of discussion once more. As one user states, their $1000 gaming laptop has 8 GB and won't run the game. But every next-generation console on the market can run the game and cost significantly less.

Another user's reaction was much more simple, but it's quite certain that many players felt the same way after yesterday's reveal.

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Another user had an interesting question over if they should try to play it on their 8 GB system. Certain games can adjust the shortage of RAM with overstacking in other departments. However, it's a highly inadvisable thing to do and can even damage someone's machine.

Other users also had a similar point, and their advice was for players to at least try running the game on 8 GB. If it doesn't work, they can always opt for a refund as long as their refund period is not over.

Another player drew comparisons with Sekiro and how that can run on 8 GB, and the requirement of 12 GB for Elden Ring could be false.

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However, there were also more hilarious and less serious reactions as well.

Elden Ring will be released on February 25 across all major platforms, including the next generation of consoles for PlayStation and Xbox.

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