God of War Ragnarok - All Svartalfheim Nornir Chest locations and solutions

Nornir Chests in God of War Ragnarok (Screenshot by Sportskeeda)
Nornir Chests in God of War Ragnarok (Image via Sportskeeda)

God of War Ragnarok has a lot of hidden secrets for players to discover. While the Nornir Chests aren't that big of a mystery, unlocking them might take some effort because the steps to unlock them are slightly secretive.

Nornir Chests aren't new. They've also been a part of the previous God of War game and have been reprised for Ragnarok. These chests are unique because they contain life (vitality) upgrades that increase Kratos' health bar. Not only that, but they also contain upgrades to his rage bar.

All Svartalfheim Nornir chest locations and solutions in God of War Ragnarok


There are approximately 9 Nornir chests in Svartalfheim in God of War Ragnarok. However, not all of them are accessible from the very beginning. Some chests can be accessed when visiting the area for the second time. However, players can only do this after considerable progression in the story.

There are four specific ways players can unlock these chests in the game:

1) By breaking the rune tablets in the chest's vicinity.

2) By setting some braziers ablaze using Kratos' Blades of Chaos.

3) By ringing three different bells in the area.

4) By spinning a few discs to match the symbols on the chest's body.

Each Nornir Chest in Svartalfheim can be unlocked using one of the four methods mentioned above.

All Svartalfheim Nornir Chest Puzzle Solutions in God of War Ragnarok


1) Aurvangar Wetlands Nornir Chest

There are two chests that players will find in this location. The first one is located at the beach where Kratos docks for the first time in the Aurvangar Wetlands. To open this, Kratos will have to break three rune tablets.

  • The first tablet can be found to the right of the chest.
  • The second is located on the small island behind the chest.
  • The third one can be slightly tricky to find. Players will have to first freeze the geyser directly opposite the chest and then climb on it. The final tablet is on the platform.

Gamers can find the second chest after Kratos opens the gate using a water wheel. A small passage to the left should lead to this chest. Players will have to spin three disks to match the symbol on the chest in God of War Ragnarok to unlock this chest.

  • The "D" looking symbol can be found close to the chest behind the geyser on the right.
  • The "B" looking symbol can be found behind the metal structure behind the chest itself.
  • The "N" looking symbol can be found on a platform nearby. To get to this, players must grapple onto the ridge to the right of the chest and turn around completely. The mechanism should be in front.

2) Radsvinn's Rig

There is just one chest in this area. To get to Radsvinn's Rig in God of War Ragnarok, players must first make their way to the Bay of Bounty. Radsvinn's Rig can be accessed from here. To open this chest, players will have to light three Braziers.

  • The first Brazier is on the left while Kratos is facing the chest.
  • The second Brazier is locked behind a small breakable wall. Atreus can destroy this with his arrows, and Kratos can reach in and set the Brazier on fire.
  • The final Brazier is directly opposite the chest itself. There's a grate on a mining rig behind which this Brazier can be found.

3) Alberich Island

Players will have to ring three bells to unlock the chest in this area. This, however, must be done very quickly and in the order mentioned below.

  • The first bell is directly opposite the chest, towards the right side. There should be a grate here behind which the bell is hidden. To lift the grate, players will have to hit the plate in front of it twice. Once the grate is lifted, players can then hit the bell.
  • The second bell is located behind Kratos, to the left, while he's facing the chest. There should be a crane here. Players will have to get Atreus to shoot the joint on this crane to drop the bell in range and then throw their axe at the bell to ring it.
  • The first bell is located to the right of the chest.

4) Dragon Beach

The chest here is slightly amusing. While players will have to break the rune tablets to access these statues in God of War Ragnarok, the tablets are hidden behind geysers. To get the geysers to work, Atreus will have to first shoot the cranes here. Once they're working, Kratos needs to freeze these geysers and then break the statues.

  • The first rune tablet is behind the chest.
  • The second is locked behind a grate. Players will have to make their way past the rocks and go behind to break this rune tablet here.
  • The third tablet is near the crane close to the coast.

5) The Forge

This is one of the few areas that will be accessible when players make their way to Svartalfheim for the second time. This chest also needs to be unlocked by breaking rune tablets.

  • The first tablet can be found on the rocky wall to the left of the chest.
  • The second tablet is also on the left but at the edge of the cliff.
  • The final chest is on top of a rock behind the broken train.

6) Applecore

Interestingly, this is the second place with two different Nornir chests in God of War Ragnarok. The first chest is on a ledge that two Revenants are guarding. Players will have to defeat them to progress to this chest. Once the Revenants have been defeated, and players climb on the ledge, they'll have to break three rune tablets simultaneously in God of War Ragnarok.

  • The first two tablets are located right in front of the chest, close to each other.
  • The third tablet is located close to the first two as well. However, to get a clear view of it, players will have to turn to the right and climb up on two separate ledges.

The second chest is close to the Spiral structure in Applecore. There should be a chute that glows blue in this area. Players can find the chest on a ledge close to the big door towards the back of the underground room filled with water.

  • The first rune tablet is in the room beside the chest itself.
  • The second tablet is hidden behind a pile of gold in the room beside the first tablet. Players will have to destroy the gold using an explosive barrel and then hit the tablet.
  • The final tablet is located below a geyser in the area. The player will have to freeze the geyser first and then hit the tablet.

7) Jarnsmida Pitmines

There's just one chest in the area here. To get to this chest, players must freeze the water that drops from the wooden chute to get inside the area. The chest here can be unlocked by lighting three Braziers in God of War Ragnarok.

  • The first Brazier is located right next to the chest.
  • The second Brazier is hidden behind a blocked passage. Players will have to unfreeze the chute to light this Brazier and then freeze the chute again.
  • The third Brazier is below the ledge, close to the first Brazier.

For now, these are the nine chests that players will come across in Svartalfheim in God of War Ragnarok. Since the game is just out, players are still discovering newer items and hidden areas. It's currently unclear if there are more chests in the area in God of War Ragnarok. If there are, the mechanics to open them will be similar to the ones mentioned on this list.

Collecting all the chests throughout the game will not only give Kratos a boost in health, but it will also count towards the platinum trophy for 100% completion in God of War Ragnarok.

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