Hogwarts Legacy: How to choose your house in the in-game sorting quiz

House selection occurs early in the game (Image via Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment)
House selection occurs early in the game (Image via Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment)

Hogwarts Legacy puts players in the shoes of a student learning the ropes of the magical world. They will get to participate in this journey from the very beginning. Just like in the Harry Potter movies, the protagonist will undergo a sorting ceremony and the Sorting Hat will be responsible for assigning them a particular house.

Hogwarts Legacy gives players control in selecting their desired house. They will have to go through a simple quiz from the Sorting Hat. Potterheads who have a Harry Potter Fan Club account can link it to their WB Games account as well to get into the house of their choice. The sorting ceremony is held in the early parts of the game to solidify the immersion of the wizarding journey at Hogwarts.

A guide to selecting your house in Hogwarts Legacy


Hogwarts Legacy won't delay in introducing you to the sorting ceremony and you will be escorted by Headmaster Phineas Black towards the stage in a cutscene. Headmistress Matilda Weasley will be seen holding the Sorting Hat. Right when you are seated and the hat is put on your head, it will utter a line of dialog.

You will be presented with two choices after this and are free to select any alternative since your answer won’t impact the house selection. The next question is the determining factor in which house you get into, so choose cautiously.

Each option refers to the major houses (Image via Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment)
Each option refers to the major houses (Image via Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment)

The Sorting Hat tells you that it detects something in you, which is your cue to get ready for the answer. You have the following choices:

  • Daring: Choose this option if you want to get into Gryffindor.
  • Curiosity: Selecting this will imply you wish to join Ravenclaw.
  • Loyalty: If you want to side with Hufflepuff, then feel free to select this option.
  • Ambition: This is the core tenet of house Slytherin. Tap this alternative to join it.

Do keep in mind that selecting any of the above options won't finalize your choice. Selecting one will pop up a house crest with the description below it. You will be given the option to go ahead with the chosen house or retract from your selection and side with another. If you wish to change it, press the "Circle" (PS5) or "B" (Xbox) button to opt for a different one.

Upon final selection, the Sorting Hat will declare your house name and Matilda Weasely will transform your robes into house colors. The ceremony will then conclude with your fellow students applauding your onboarding.

If you have linked the WB account with the Harry Potter Fan club then you won't get the above question and will be directly sorted into the house you chose during that quiz.

You will get ample opportunity to explore your common room. They are unique and reflect the theme perfectly. The furniture and decor possess the house symbol and the color palette.


Your clothes will also reflect your house selection. The insignia will be etched on your robes and some outfits will be colored accordingly. The game features a vast variety of clothing items, so you shouldn't worry much about the house colors affecting your desired look.

Since your selection does not have any impact on the game’s story, nor does it impact your character's interaction with the companions, feel free to opt for whichever house you fancy. Your decision should be based on which color and common room are more desirable and suitable for your tastes.


Hogwarts Legacy provides a plethora of clothing options to change the character's appearance. One can even increase inventory or gear slots to acquire their favorite apparel in the wizarding world.

The game has an outstanding transmog system that allows players to change the appearance of any piece of gear while retaining the stats of the superior item.

Hogwarts Legacy has received a positive reception from reviewers and media outlets. Despite some technical hitches, the game has managed to deliver an in-depth magical world and simulates the machinations of the Wizarding World with flying colors.

The title releases on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC on February 10, and Early Access via the Deluxe Edition starts from February 7. It will be launched for last-gen consoles and the Nintendo Switch in the coming months.

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