How to download Minecraft: Education Edition free trial - Windows, Mac, and Android

Image credits: mincrafteducationedition
Image credits: mincrafteducationedition
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Minecraft has been a franchise on the up ever since it first broke onto the scene in 2009. There are only a handful of brands in gaming as recognizable and beloved as this one, and to achieve that kind of legendary status in the industry is rare.

Minecraft has often been likened to pioneers and classics of gaming, such as Tetris and Pac-Man, given the kind of fan support it has seen through the years. This game has also transcended the boundaries of casual gaming and has been incorporated in schools as a tool for education.

Minecraft: Education Edition is a popular education tool used in many schools to teach basic concepts about math, history, etc., in a much more interactive manner. Students and teachers can try out the Education Edition in a free trial that is a fully functional version of the game.

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Steps to download Minecraft: Education Edition free trial - Windows, Mac, and iPad


Minecraft: Education Edition's free trial has not been stripped-back in terms of features in any way and offers much of the same experience as the full version. The only restriction is on the number of logins that the app has, which is 25. After this number, the game's full version needs to be purchased to continue using this gam.

To download Minecraft: Education Edition, follow these steps:

  1. Head over to Minecraft's official website
  2. Hover over "Games"
  3. Select Minecraft: Education Edition from the list
  4. Select the platform (Chromebook, Windows, Mac)
  5. Install the game by launching the file downloaded
  6. Once the installation completes, select the Free Trial license when launching the game

Download link

To download the game on Android, devices:

  1. Search for "Minecraft: Education Edition" on the Google Play Store
  2. Install the game
  3. Select the Free Trial version when launching the game

Download Link

Players can then choose to purchase the full version of the game once they play the Free Trial.

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