How to find the Arrow’s Reach Talisman in Elden Ring

Turn an archer into a sniper (Image via FromSoftware)
Turn an archer into a sniper (Image via FromSoftware)
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Elden Ring offers countless ways to mix up the player's build and make their Tarnished the strongest they can be. Ashes of war, weapons, armor, and talismans all contribute to the player's character build to face the game's challenges.

The Arrow's Reach Talisman is an excellent way to make the bow and arrow more effective. It increases the range of bows, crossbows, and ballistae by a significant margin, ensuring greater damage regardless of distance.

Finding the Arrow's Reach Talisman in Elden Ring

The Arrow's Reach Talisman sits in the two towers above Stormgate. Players can enter the structure through the south side of the cliffs that overlook Stormgate.

Players need to head to the Stormhill Evergaol, then go northeast in order to find the entrance to the towers. Once inside, players will encounter three large guards. Players need to defeat them and loot the chest behind them.

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The chest will contain the Arrow's Reach Talisman, which is a huge early game buff for players who want to try an archery build.

Best builds for the Arrow's Reach Talisman in Elden Ring

Many ills have befallen the star-struck land of Limgrave. See to it that you do not become another. #ELDENRING

Several classes selected at the start of Elden Ring will come with a bow that serves as a long-range weapon. Archery is extremely useful in this game, especially with the variety of weapons and mounted combat options.

Using the Arrow's Reach will not only increase the effective range of any projectile weapon, but it will also buff the damage. The game usually drops damage values if a weapon is fired outside its effective range, but this talisman solves that issue.

This talisman doesn't seem to affect spells, but it will buff any projectile weapon. Bows are the obvious target, but Elden Ring also has a ballista that will be a formidable weapon, combined with the talisman. The talisman also seems to increase the effect of telescopes and other ocular additives.

Players with a Dex-based build will get the most benefit out of this talisman. Mounted archery on Torrent's back is a huge new addition to the bow options in the game. Equipping the Arrow's Reach Talisman will be a huge buff to the mounted archer build.

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Players can deal with most threats in the game by simply outrunning them and attacking them with arrows from a safe distance. The extra range allows Elden Ring players to hit targets before they can see most of the details of their design.

Elden Ring offers countless weapon combinations, but this talisman is one of the best things players can buff their arrows with. Players can simply dig it out of the chest in the Stormhill tower and start shooting enemies from a longer range.

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