The best Ash of War for bows in Elden Ring

Archery is a valid strategy (Image via FromSoftware)
Archery is a valid strategy (Image via FromSoftware)

Elden Ring has a huge variety of combat styles, from melee to magic to archery and combinations of the three. Sword and board may be the classic method, but a bow and arrow can be just as much fun.

Archery has been in many of the previous SoulsBorne games, but the addition of a mount makes it much more fun and viable. Players can use Ashes of War to improve their horseback archery and make themselves stronger.

Elden Ring: The best Ash of War for Bows

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The tough part of Ashes of War for bows is the very limited options. There are only a few skills for bows in Elden Ring, so the player's choice will depend heavily on their choice of bow.

For light bows, the best choice is Barrage. This option sees the player hold the bow horizontally for a moment, then fire off several shots in quick succession. This rapid-fire move does great damage and often breaks the enemy's stance.

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Clear a little distance on Torrent and keep sending these shots downrange, and most enemies will become pincushions.

For longbows, the best Ash of War is Mighty Shot. This is the simplest Ash available to bow users, but it's also the most effective. It simply fires a single massive shot that deals significant damage and penetrates the enemy's guard. It hurts enemies who are blocking and works well while moving quickly.

Where to find the Ashes of War in Elden Ring

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Ash of War: Barrage can be found in a small creek north of the Seethewater River. The item is held by a scarab who will be pushing their trademark giant metal ball. Chase them down quickly and slay them, or shoot them from a distance to equip this helpful Ash of War.

Mighty Shot will also be dropped by a scarab, located on the main road that the player can take from Limgrave. It's just east of the Weeping Peninsula and guarded by the same quick-moving bug.

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Mighty Shot is also the default skill of the Longbow, while Barrage comes standard on the Harp Bow. Elden Ring players can use the skills without the Ash of War with these weapons.

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