How to find Camp Venture in Fallout 76

Camp Venture as it appears in Fallout 76 (Image via Bethesda)
Camp Venture as it appears in Fallout 76 (Image via Bethesda)

Bethesda games such as Fallout 76 are well-known for their expansive world. These excellently crafted worlds are so detailed that it is not uncommon for players with hours of experience in the game to discover new areas. One of these more unique areas is the scout's camp, Camp Venture.

With the setting of this Fallout franchise entry in the more natural landscape of West Virginia, the various areas have a nature theme. Before the bombs were dropped, Camp Venture was known for its extreme survival training. For users knowing this, it may sound important to visit.

However, before visiting this location in Fallout 76, they need to know how to get there. Luckily, there is no progress block behind accessing this part of the map, so if gamers genuinely desire, they can reach this area as soon as they leave the vault. So where is the survival boot camp, Camp Venture, located?

Why should players visit Camp Venture in Fallout 76?

Camp Venture marked on a map of Fallout 76 (Image via Bethesda)
Camp Venture marked on a map of Fallout 76 (Image via Bethesda)

For players interested in reaching this location, it can be found towards the eastern portion of the map. In fact, it is one of the areas marked on the map by its decals depicting various landmarks around West Virginia. It is located just north of the red southeastern portion of the map at the picture of a camp.

The Brotherhood of Steel is a notable faction in almost every Fallout entry. This includes Fallout 76. When the bombs were dropped, and everything resorted to "finder's keepers," the militarized faction claimed Camp Venture.

In fact, this camp is where the Appalachian faction of the Brotherhood of Steel first came to be. As this is an abandoned Brotherhood of Steel outpost, the loot here can potentially be incredibly good, especially for newer users.

Power Armor is often seen as some of the best possible means of defense in the Fallout franchise, and lucky gamers might be able to find a frame of a suit when looting Camp Venture.

The lore significance of this area is very apparent as well as the facility is littered with various notes and holotapes explaining what happened at the camp. One of the Overseer's logs is also here, making it worth the visit for individuals completing her line of quests.

Various weapon modifications can be found as well.


Now for the part many players would be most familiar with. Camp Venture is where the final part of the Tadpole Athletics Test quest takes place.

As the camp is a survival training area, it should not come as a surprise that it would have a few sections dedicated to such training on its grounds. Enter the obstacle course.

The Pioneer Scouts Athletics Course stands on the camps grounds for users to find and partake in. Though it sounds like a daunting test of skill and agility, in reality, it is nothing more than a short course with a couple of rails for them to walk along and a few objects to jump over. But it's about the immersion.

After completing the obstacle course, the Tadpole Athletics Test quest will be completed. Though it may seem tedious, this series of quests is a great way to earn badges.

These badges can be redeemed at Pioneer Scout camps for various themed rewards like a scout's uniform and different blueprints for themed furniture.