How to get into Slytherin House in Hogwarts Legacy through Wizarding World

Getting into Slytherin in Hogwarts Legacy (Image via Hogwarts Legacy)
Getting into the Slytherin House in Hogwarts Legacy (Image via Hogwarts Legacy)

Hogwarts Legacy, WB Games’ upcoming RPG, has steadily grown in popularity to become one of the most highly anticipated games of 2023. With the title finally receiving an official release date of February 10, 2023 for all major platforms, there's a fair amount of curiosity amongst fans as to some of the things that they can do in the game.

When it comes to customizations, the upcoming RPG offers a great many choices, which includes helping you select your Patronus, your own Wand, as well as the House that you will be a part of in Hogwarts.

Before the game is officially released, you can determine the House that you belong to with the help of the Wizarding World website or the Harry Potter Fan club. By answering the questions shown below, you'll be able to determine which House you wish to be a part of when the RPG officially drops next month.

Today’s guide will go over how you can join the Slytherin House in Hogwarts Legacy.

Getting into the Slytherin House in Hogwarts Legacy


There are four Houses that you can be a part of in Hogwarts Legacy, with each option having its own unique dormitory as well as core principles and ideals. To be in Slytherin House when the game officially drops, you will first be required to head to the official Wizarding World website.

Here, you will need to either create an account or log into an already existing one. You must then click on the Sorting Quiz section of the home page to take part in the House selection process.

Here is a list of all the questions and answers that will get you into Slytherin House:

Question 1: Forest or River

  • Answer: Forest

Question 2: Flutterbush Smell that lures you

  • Answer: A Crackling Log Fire

Question 3: Which potion will you brew?

  • Answer: Power

Question 4: What are you most looking forward to learning at Hogwarts?

  • Answer: Hexes and Jinxes

Question 5: How would you like to be known to history?

  • Answer: The Great

Question 6: Which would you rather be?

  • Answer: Feared

Question 7: Which road tempts you the most?

  • Answer: The narrow, dark, lantern-lit alley.

Question 8: Which pet would you choose?

  • Answer: Cat (Black Cat)

Question 9: Left or Right | Black or White | Heads or Tails

  • Answer: Left | Black | Tails

After answering the questions correctly and receiving your results, you will be able to make Slytherin your House in Hogwarts Legacy by linking your Harry Potter Fan Club account to your WB Games account.

You can do this by making your way to the Legacy Connect page, inputting the required details, and then connecting the platform on which you're playing the game to the relevant page.

Upon joining the Slytherin House, you will be able to explore its mysterious Common Room in the Dungeons. Alongside Griffindor, Slytherin has been one of the most popular Houses in the Harry Potter universe, and fans will likely want to be a student in either one of them in at least one of their Hogwarts Legacy playthroughs.

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