How to get the Xenophage in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Shadowkeep (Image source Bungie)
Destiny 2 Shadowkeep (Image source Bungie)

With Destiny 2's inevitable nerf of the exotic grenade launcher "Anarchy," guardians will turn their attention to the next big thing when it comes to power weapons.

There are many to choose from, but in Destiny 2 PvE, only some stand out when it comes to dealing high damage to bosses, and clearing hordes of enemies within a short span of time.

One of these weapons is called "Xenophage", a solar hard-hitting 120 RPM machine gun that is as easy to use as it is hard to get. The machine gun follows a series of questlines that were introduced with the Shadowkeep expansion, making it one of the most complicated exotic quests in Destiny 2.

How to get the Xenophage in Destiny 2

#1 - Getting the quest

Guardians need to complete a piece of the puzzle at the same location where they meet Eris Morn after finishing the quest "Memory" in Destiny 2. This location can be accessed by the portal on the sanctuary or towards the left of the "Scarlet Keep" strike's spawn location.

Destiny 2 eris morn (Image source Bungie)
Destiny 2 eris morn (Image source Bungie)

Guardians will find four statues in these locations with two on each side. All four statues should be lit at once. The order in which the statues need to be lit is as follows:

  1. Front right
  2. Back left
  3. Back right
  4. Front left.

This follows the order from the entrance. Once finished, the guardians will get the quest from a newly spawned chest.

#2 - Lighting the Lanterns

The next step will require guardians to head into the Anchor of Light location. From there, a fallen infested site on the left will have a pickable orb of light. These orbs need to be turned into lanterns in a specific order. After lighting all six lanterns, the orb needs to be returned into the hive spear near the initial site.

Destiny 2 seems to have a lot of complicated puzzles in their exotic quests, this is safely one of them.

#3 - Path Fragments

Destiny 2 rune puzzle (Image source Bungie)
Destiny 2 rune puzzle (Image source Bungie)

All four lost sectors need to be completed for this step, with each sector in Destiny 2 containing a puzzle towards the exit. The goal of this puzzle is to make every rune in the grid, the same symbol as the one rune indicated right above it. Shooting each rune will change its symbol:

The solution to the puzzle for all four lost sectors are:

  1. K1 Logistics: 1-7-6-5
  2. K1 Crew Quarters: 3-4-5-8-9-9-8-8
  3. K1 Communion: 7-9-2-2
  4. K1 Revelation: 6-4-5-5-4-8-5-2

#4 - The Pit of Heresy Dungeon

The dungeon "Pit of Heresy" can be accessed from the Moon in Destiny 2. The Guardians need to complete their first encounter and then will be put in front of a series of red doors. The next step will be completed after accessing the door without the rune hanging from the top of it.

The doorway is located towards the upper-left side of the entrance, so Guardians can use ledges to go upwards to access the room.

The second step comes from the Ogre encounter where guardians have to collect another orb to light a lantern through a brief jumping puzzle. The lanterns can be found in the hallways of the roaming ogres. Guardians will need to light up two lanterns in the same way.


The final step requires the guardians to defeat a secret boss along with an elemental puzzle. In this encounter, there will be four elemental buffs that need to be deposited into the arena. Locations to deposit the orbs based on the dread types are:

  1. Abyssal Dread: top-level, back left corner.
  2. Thunderous Dread: ground level, front left corner
  3. Neutral Dread: top-level, front right corner.
  4. Fiery Dread: bottom level, back right corner.

Guardians will then have to damage the boss based on the dreaded elemental buff on them. Killing the boss will grant the guardians with a Hive bug, which further rewards the exotic weapon of Destiny 2 "Xenophage," upon turning it to Eris on the moon.

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