How to improve visibility in Warzone 2

Settings to improve visibility in Warzone 2 explored (Image via Activision)
Settings to improve visibility in Warzone 2 explored (Image via Activision)

Call of Duty: Warzone 2's primary game mode is Battle Royale, where the matches take place in Al Mazrah, a fictional location in the title's universe. The map is vast, with varied terrains ranging from mini pools in oases to clustered buildings in a city. While the enormous Al Mazrah opens up numerous opportunities to engage in combat, its size often leads to poor visibility when engaging in longer-range combat.

Apart from the scale of the map, the title's focus on realism also impacts visibility. Sand dust can be disadvantageous, and as the targets move farther away, it becomes difficult to spot them easily. Moreover, the terrain is naturally colored, and spotting enemies with camouflaged outfits can be difficult since they easily blend in with the rocks and grass.

Danger is in every corner of Al Mazrah. This forces the player to be continuously on guard and look for potential threats. Hence, being able to spot enemy targets can go a long way in helping the gamer survive.

Guide to improving visibility in Warzone 2's Al Mazrah


Improving visibility in Warzone 2 will require you to tweak a few settings in the title. Although Nvidia users can take the help of GeForce Experience filters, it is recommended not to use them as they negatively impact the game's performance.

Here are all the settings that you must change to better spot enemies in Warzone 2:

1) Eliminating redundant motion

Reducing camera movement (Image via Activision)
Reducing camera movement (Image via Activision)

Reducing unnecessary camera movement will provide you with a stable field of view. To do so, head over to the game's Settings menu. From there, navigate to Graphics and then select the View tab at the top. Now, scroll down to the Camera section and set 'Least [50%]' for both 1st Person Camera Movement and 3rd Person Camera Movement.

2) Using FidelityFX Cas

Enabling FidelityFX Cas (Image via Activision)
Enabling FidelityFX Cas (Image via Activision)

FidelityFX Cas is a brilliant technology that sharpens images without taking a toll on performance. To enable it, head over to the Quality tab of your Graphics settings. Here, find Upscale/Sharpening and select FidelityFX Cas from the drop-down list. Set its strength to 50 for optimal sharpening.

3) Turn off Post Processing Effects

Turn off these settings and enable Nvidia Reflex (Image via Activision)
Turn off these settings and enable Nvidia Reflex (Image via Activision)

It is always advised to turn off Post Processing Effects in Warzone 2 as it doesn't provide any advantage and rather negatively affects performance. To turn them off, scroll down to the bottom of the Quality tab under Graphics settings. Here, disable all Motion Blur, Film Grain, and Depth of Field effects. For the Nvidia Low Latency option, select On. However, if you are in a CPU-bound scenario, then select On+Boost.

4) Using appropriate color filters

Using correct color filters in Warzone 2 (Image via Activision)
Using correct color filters in Warzone 2 (Image via Activision)

Warzone 2 allows its users to set color filters, which in some cases, can enhance the overall visibility without taking a hit on the FPS. Using the correct settings here will make Al Mazrah look more vibrant and colorful, thus allowing players to spot enemies easily.

To use them, head over to Interface settings and select Color Customization under the Readability tab. Now, under the Color Filter Settings section, select Color Filter as Filter 2. Then, set Color Filter Target to Both. Next, ensure the World Color Intensity is at 85 (or more) and Interface Color Intensity at 100.

5) Tweaking graphics settings


Lastly, adjusting a few graphics settings will not only allow for superior visibility but will also give you higher framerates. Find the following settings in the Quality tab under Graphics settings and adjust them as shown below:

Details & Textures

  • Particle Quality: High
  • Particle Quality Level: Normal
  • Shader Quality: Low

Shadow & Lighting

  • Shadow Map Resolution: Low
  • Screen Space Shadows: Off
  • Spot Shadow Quality: Medium
  • Ambient Occlusion: Off

These are the settings that, when tweaked, will improve visibility throughout Warzone 2's Al Mazrah. Since the map is shared by both Battle Royale and DMZ, these parameters will also apply to the latter mode.

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