How to play Brigitte in Overwatch 2: Strategies, tips, and more

Overwatch 2 Brigitte strategies and gameplay tips (Image via Sportskeeda)
Overwatch 2 Brigitte strategies and gameplay tips (Image via Sportskeeda)

Overwatch 2 has three major distributions of heroes: Tank, Damage, and Support. After the match format changed from six-player teams to five, the work of support heroes became even more tenuous. The team can quickly fall apart without core support as these heroes assist the front liners.

Brigitte is a fascinating support hero in Overwatch 2, as her healing abilities function differently. Most support heroes belong in the back lines, but this hero has a toolkit that enables her to fight alongside the Vanguards of the team. The various elements of the battlefield can quickly shift the situation and makes every combat unique.

Here are some of the most effective tips and strategies for playing Brigitte in Overwatch 2.

Overwatch 2 Brigitte strategies and gameplay tips


Blizzard Entertainment has released Overwatch 2 as its latest hero-shooter. Various players prefer to main a certain role and assist the team with their strengths. Each hero class is a piece of the puzzle, and the support heroes keep the entire team healthy and able to fight against the opposing team.


Brigitte is a support hero and is originally from Gothenburg, Sweden, according to the Overwatch 2 lore. She was initially sidelined but now joins the main roster to protect and aid those in need.

Brigitte is the only support in the game who can deploy a personal frontal shield, provide healing packs from a distance, and attack with a melee weapon.



Players who pick Brigitte to take fights in matches need to note that they belong on the front lines together with the tanks. Since she can heal nearby allies by damaging the enemies with her melee weapon, it is an excellent strategy for the team to stick close.

Brigitte's shield is small and can only block incoming damage from a single direction. The shield also has comparatively low health, making her vulnerable if multiple enemy heroes target her. This support requires a secondary who can provide healing and participate in fights like Moira or Baptiste.

This hero is best paired with aggressive shield Tanks like Sigma, who can provide excellent cover to protect the objective and a one-way shield for taking down opposing players. Brigitte can also provide remote heals to Damage heroes like Widowmaker and Pharah, who maintain a distance from the battlefield and inflict damage on the enemies.



Every map has various ins and outs, and playing a comparatively fragile support hero like Brigitte carries its risks. Players would be wise to thoroughly learn the map if they need to back out of fights and make their way to the healing pills and packs that spawn on the map.

Players can utilize Brigitte's knock-back ability to throw players off the edges of maps as a secondary way of dealing with enemy heroes. This tactic is great to apply on various maps, as most tanks prefer to close in and make space for the rest of the team.

This guide has the most basic yet effective ways to play Brigitte in Overwatch 2. Be sure to follow Sportskeeda for the latest updates and more hero guides.