How to play Minecraft Classic on PC for free without download

Image credits: minecraft
Image credits: minecraft
Rahul Bhushan
Modified 26 Oct 2020

Minecraft has been nothing short of a pop culture phenomenon and a tremendous success in every way. Every now and then, the industry puts out a cultural landmark of a game that becomes not just a financial success but a mainstay of modern entertainment.

Minecraft became just that, as it is not only a financial success across the board but has also become a fixture of modern-day gaming and an icon of pop culture. That kind of reverence is reserved only for games that manage to create a massive impact over the years, and Minecraft has just done that.

To celebrate its tenth anniversary back in 2019, Mojang had released the original version of Minecraft for free. Minecraft Classic is the game in its original form, bugs and glitches included, and players can try it for free on their browsers.

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Play Minecraft Classic on PC for free without downloading

Minecraft Classic allows up to nine others to join up with the player
Minecraft Classic allows up to nine others to join up with the player

Minecraft Classic might not be the most refined or polished version of this game, but it certainly isn't without charm. This version can feel a bit buggy and clunky to play, but it can be a great throwback to a time when players first discovered this title.

Through Minecraft Classic, players can not just see but experience how far the game has come from its initial days. To play Minecraft Classic, gamers can visit the Minecraft Classic website, link here.

Users can then share a link to their game world for friends or other players to join in. However, they have to bear in mind that this version is as buggy and glitchy as it was on launch, so the game experience might not be all that smooth.

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Published 26 Oct 2020
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