How will the new social systems work in Warzone 2? Looking for Party, In-match ping, and Proximity Chat explained

Warzone 2 will get new social features on launch (Image via Warzone 2)
Warzone 2 will get new social features on launch (Image via Warzone 2)

The upcoming Call of Duty Warzone 2 will introduce many new features compared to the previous franchise entry, especially regarding the social aspect of the game.

During the latest blog post, the developers went over some features fans can look forward to when the battle royale officially goes live.

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The three significant aspects of the social system that they pointed out in the post were the “Looking for Party,” “In-Match Ping System,” and “Proximity Chat.”

These are some of the new features that will be part of the social system in Warzone 2, and Activision has one in a bit of depth talking about how they will play out once the shooter finally goes live.

The following guide will cover how the new features will function in the upcoming Call of Duty title and how you can use it when Warzone 2 officially launches.

Warzone 2 will get new social features on launch


1) Looking for Party

One of the social features that Warzone 2 will come with is Looking for Party, which you can use by making your way into the “Find a Party” section. Here, you will need to select a mode and enter the lobby, where you will set your party preferences and requirements.

Upon doing so, you will automatically be paired with players who fit your preferences the most. Also, when it comes to the preferences themselves, you will be able to put in the following filters:

In-Game Communication Style:

  • Voice Chat
  • Text Chat
  • Ping

Main Language:

  • You will now be able to select up to three language preferences

Playstyle (Primary, Secondary):

  • Competitive
  • Casual
  • Objectives
  • High Kills

You can try out the Looking for Party system in Warzone 2’s primary battle royale mode and Featured Multiplayer modes, which will rotate throughout season 1.

2) New in-game ping system

Warzone 2 will also be getting an updated ping system; this time, it will feature a Tactical Ping Wheel. In the battle royale and the DMZ, you can press the ping command to bring up the wheel, allowing you to communicate up to eight options to your teammates.

The options will have custom visuals as well as voice lines. For the battle royale and the DMC, you will have access to the following commands:

  • General Ping
  • Attacking Here
  • Watching Here
  • Looting Here
  • Regrouping Here
  • Stay Quiet
  • I Need Help
  • Assimilation

The voice prompts will be a variation of the above commands and will differ based on the customizations you put on them.


For modes apart from the battle royale and the DMZ, you will have the following commands:

  • Going Here
  • Stay Quiet
  • Watching Here
  • I Need Help

3) Proximity Chat

With the Proximity Chat feature, you will be able to have voice conversations with those who are around you in the game. The uses for the feature will be tactical, and the way you go about making the most of it will depend on game modes.

For example, in modes like the DMZ, you can use the chat feature to ensure that the Assimilation does not fail. In Battle Royale, the feature will be best used in the Gulag, where Warzone 2 duo players can use the exploit Proximity Chat to discuss strategy quickly.

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