Warzone 2.0 new Plates and Armor system explained

Warzone 2.0 to feature a revamped plating system (Image via Activision)
Warzone 2.0 to feature a revamped plating system (Image via Activision)

Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 is Activision's newest take on the battle royale genre and it comes with a brand new extraction-based mode called DMZ, along with tons of new features and mechanics for players to explore.


Warzone 2.0 has also seen massive overhauls to the existing systems that are already present in Call of Duty: Warzone. One such feature to bring about significant changes in the game is the Plating and Armor system.

Being such an integral part of the title's playstyle, players need to have in-depth knowledge about the new plating system that has been introduced. As such, this article will detail the major changes that have come to one of the core mechanics of the game.

Exploring the new plating system of Warzone 2.0

Plating in Warzone 2.0 is a term used to describe the process of adding reinforced plates to the plate carrier for an added armor bonus. Each plate has a significant armor value and opponents will have to do enough damage to deplete both the armor and health count of players to bring them down.


In Call of Duty: Warzone, players can equip themselves with a maximum of three armor plates and carry five more on their person. The carrying capacity gets boosted by three more if the player is able to loot an armor satchel.

However, plating in Warzone 2.0 has seen some significant changes. By default, players will only be able to equip two armor plates and will need to loot an armor satchel to equip the third one. As such, finding an armor satchel will become a top priority for players in the upcoming game.


Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 has also seen the addition of a color-coordinated rarity system to the plating mechanics. Content creators who had early access to the title have been streaming the gameplay and based on these streams, it has been noted that players will now be able to identify enemies' armor ratings with the new color-coded system.

If the purple armor icon flashes while shooting the enemy, then players deduce that they are equipped with three plates and have a looted armor satchel. However, if the blue icon flashes, then it denotes the presence of regular tiered armor without the satchel.

The Armor Plate QOL update from Warzone 1 is in Warzone 2. When plating, it will heal one full plate, unless replacing the last partially damaged plate. This was previously not present at COD NEXT.๐Ÿ“น@dougdagnabbit

Along with that, it has also been noted that quality of life changes to the plating system from Call of Duty: Warzone have made their way into Warzone 2. As such, refilling plates with a fresh one will result in giving one entire stack of armor before filling up the partial stack. This feature was not available when the game was showcased in Call of Duty NEXT and has recently been added.

In addition to changes in the plating system, the much-awaited title has seen plenty of new advancements added to the game. The arrival of aquatic combat and navigation will give rise to a new dimension in the combat style of the title. Along with that, the new DMZ mode is also a new twist in the Call of Duty franchise, something that a lot of players will definitely enjoy.

Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 has been officially revealed to go live on November 16 and players will be able to enjoy the title on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox platforms.

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