"I just don't wanna stream": Twitch streamer Whippy has meltdown midstream

During a GTA RP stream, Australian Twitch streamer Whippy has a meltdown about not wanting to stream anymore (Image via Sportskeeda)
During a GTA RP stream, Australian Twitch streamer Whippy has a meltdown about not wanting to stream anymore (Image via Sportskeeda)
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Whippy, an Australian Twitch streamer known for his GTA RP streams as well as Overwatch, had a bit of a meltdown during a livestream. The streamer talked about simply not wanting to stream anymore, saying it’s a pain to even get up and go online to stream.

The content creator stated:

“I just don’t wanna stream, I’ll be straight up honest. I just don’t. I view streaming as a pain at the moment. I wanna not wake up and stream.”

Australian Twitch streamer Whippy rages about streaming during GTA RP

(Clip begins at 1:56:11)

As to why the Twitch streamer viewed his content creation as a pain and difficult, he stated that it was mainly because there were constantly people being negative towards him on every stream.

“It’s just constantly people, constantly s**t talking me, man. Sick of it. I want you to imagine that you wake up to do your job, and people are constantly s**t talking you every day.”

Another major focus of his rant was his numbers as well. He highlighted that people have stopped watching as frequently, and that his subscriber count was down as well. Although the streamer had an incredibly successful subathon last month, the subscribers from that did not last, according to Reddit.

“And all you see, is people stop watching, people stop subscribing, you see your career go down in a hole! It’s disheartening!”

The Twitch streamer screamed into his camera while running around in GTA RP, talking about people that make fun of both him and his character in GTA RP. However, his chat was consistently supportive throughout the rant as he yelled:

“F**k this person, f**k this character! I don’t give a f**k!”

He continued to rant about hating streaming, and despite his chat showing him support, he said that it was viewers like them and swatted his microphone away. The streamer then put up a “Thanks for watching" image, usually shown at the end of streams, but could still be heard yelling in the background. He would ultimately return and stream for several more hours, but his feelings were crystal clear.

Social media unsympathetic to Whippy’s mental breakdown on Twitch

While it seemed like the Twitch streamer’s chat was overwhelmingly supportive of the streamer’s frustration, Reddit did not feel quite the same way. Some felt that there was no way the streamer would quit, given his previous living situation, and others spoke about his subathon, while that he’s still one of the biggest GTA streamers going.

It’s well-known that before the streamer’s content really blew up online, he lived in a shack in the backyard of his mother’s house. Another user did mention that Whippy had paid off all dues for his mother's house, which was respectable.

However, the content creator's obsession with his numbers really stuck with a few Redditors. One said that Whippy only reached his current level of fame because of Sykkuno. The same user did mention that the decrease in his subs wasn’t because he was washed up, but that they were simply showing support for Sykkuno's friend. He’s still doing quite well as a GTA streamer, and another user highlighted the subathon that started off well, but didn’t retain quite as many subscribers to his channel.

Furthermore, it’s the attitude Whippy has displayed that has turned off some Redditors. One talked about Whippy saying he wanted to buy a big house with subscribers, even if it was originally meant to be taken as a joke, with that sense of entitlement quite frustrating for viewers.

A comment from another Redditor would debunk the previous statement, but did agree that how he acted in this stream clip was very poor.

Others simply had no sympathy for the streamer, who is doing quite well for himself by their standards. They had no empathy for the streamer, who complained about how hard his life was.

Another Redditor suggested that maybe instead of having a meltdown, the Twitch streamer should consider why people aren’t subscribing, instead of complaining about it.

Fortunately, at least one response in the thread was on Whippy's side. The Redditor said they’ve been a subscriber for some time, and suggested that the streamer just ban rude viewers and move on with his day.

It’s unlikely that this Twitch streamer will stop anytime soon, but his meltdown on the stream was lengthy and highlighted the problems the streamer has with creating content on Twitch at the moment. There are a number of ways the streamer could change things up, but it’s up to him to do these things, such as change up content, or take a break from the NoPixel RP server.

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