5 reasons why Sykkuno is beloved by the GTA 5 RP community

Sykkuno remains a popular figure in the world of GTA 5 RP (Image via Wikitubia)
Sykkuno remains a popular figure in the world of GTA 5 RP (Image via Wikitubia)

Despite significant drama within the GTA 5 RP community, Sykkuno continues to rise above it with an optimistic and friendly outlook.

With over 2 million subscribers on YouTube and 3 million followers on Twitch, Sykkuno is a popular streamer with a dedicated fanbase. Known for playing the GTA 5 RP character Yuno Sykk, he is always a highlight in the roleplaying world. When Sykkuno announced his leave from GTA 5 RP, many fans were sad.

Although he can always return, his absence will undoubtedly be felt across the community. Sykkuno made a lot of friends with his outgoing personality and over-the-top exploits. While darkness always surrounds GTA 5 RP for various dramas, Sykkuno was a light that shined brightly. He remains a beloved figure for a reason.

Five reasons the GTA 5 RP community loves Sykkuno

5) Sykkuno has excellent chemistry with streamers


Whether it's Valkyrae, Pokimane, or Whippy, Sykkuno always had fun interactions with anybody on any server. Whippy, in particular, is a long-time partner during GTA 5 RP streams. Their characters, Yuno Sykk and Irwin Dundee, have reached legendary status in GTA 5 RP.

What makes Sykkuno a fun person to play around with is his social awkwardness. Pokimane asking why he doesn't wear pants during streams, only for him to become visibly nervous, is an enjoyable moment. It also helps that Sykkuno regularly involves himself with the big players in the gaming community.

Since GTA 5 RP relies on personal interactions between real-life people, it's essential to have an engaging personality. Sykkuno is massively successful for a reason — with a few exceptions, he seemingly gets along with everybody. It's a very rare trait to have these days, especially in today's political climate.

4) Yuno Sykk is an interesting character


Like Sykkuno, Yuno Sykk is a friendly guy who simply wants to buy shoes and drive stylish cars. Nonetheless, he is prone to random acts of violence, such as punching nearby people out of nowhere.

Yuno Sykk almost approaches mythological status with his role in the GTA 5 RP community.

One of the most recognizable events in GTA 5 RP history is the Rainbow Road heists. Along with xQc and Team Rocket, they were able to perform a triple-bank robbery.

It was a historical moment, given how difficult pulling off a single heist can be. Here, they successfully robbed the Fleeca, Paleto, and City Vault.

3) Sykkuno is a funny guy


Anytime Yuno Sykk and Irwin Dundee share the screen, fans can expect the laughs to follow. Whether it's Dundee ordering food in a drive-thru during a police chase, or Yuno Sykk asking officers how to perform criminal acts, it's always a treat. Sykkuno and Whippy comedically go together like peanut butter and jelly.

Tragedy is easy, but comedy is not. Sykkuno walks the fine line of sociopathic slapstick, and he does it successfully. Many of his streams are potential goldmines for awkward interactions and ridiculous events.

Sykkuno never seems to have a boring stream, and that's what makes him a watchable personality.

2) He gets along with everybody


Most streamers would lose their patience with the likes of xQc, but not Sykkuno. Despite the controversial nature of xQc and his aggressive playstyle, Sykkuno took the time to defend the streamer as a person. Given his interactions with the former Overwatch pro, Sykkuno truly believes he's a nice person who is simply stressed out.

Unlike the vast majority of popular streamers, Sykkuno never seems to get into heated arguments with anybody. The only person who seems to have a slight problem with Sykkuno is the notoriously outspoken Destiny, an outlier in this situation. Sykkuno maintains a squeaky-clean image otherwise.

1) Sykkuno is a wholesome streamer


Despite roleplaying a criminal in a series known for violence and bloodshed, Sykkuno always killed everyone with kindness. He never says a bad thing about anybody, not even the likes of xQc.

For this reason, fans appreciate how he always tries to be the better man in any given situation.

GTA 5 RP is well-known for toxic and sweaty players, especially when they take the game far too seriously. Sykkuno isn't anything of the sort. He simply plays GTA 5 RP out of personal enjoyment.

It even extends to his character Yuno Sykk. His criminal activities are the result of boredom, not a need for monetary gain.

Sykkuno is arguably one of the nicest streamers in the entire GTA 5 RP community. His nice-guy attitude is what allows him to get away with somewhat playful rivalries with law enforcement.

Sykkuno is a typically anxious college millennial, and that's what makes him relatable to his viewership.

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