Top 5 GTA 5 RP characters players should follow in 2021

Jean Paul is a prime example of an interesting GTA 5 RP character to follow (Image via NoPixel Wiki)
Jean Paul is a prime example of an interesting GTA 5 RP character to follow (Image via NoPixel Wiki)
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GTA 5 RP is wildly popular on Twitch right now, and that's largely thanks to its memorable characters.

One of the main advantages of GTA 5 RP over regular GTA games is that the former category can have an unlimited amount of characters. There is a character of every conceivable archetype found within the various GTA 5 RP servers. For all intents and purposes, this article will only focus on NoPixel characters, as they are the most popular GTA 5 RP characters around (for English speakers, anyway).

These five GTA 5 RP characters aren't worth following solely because the streamer is popular. Rather, these characters are all interesting in their own unique way.

Top five GTA 5 RP characters players should follow in 2021

#5 - Kyle Pred


Cop characters are interesting within the context of GTA 5 RP. On one hand, they're often required to uphold the law by any means necessary, which often makes them unpopular with the numerous denizens found within the same server. However, a great many of these cops often have their own demons to fight.

Enter Kyle Pred, a popular GTA 5 RP character owned by the popular Twitch streamer, Kyle. He is a cop that suffers from many addictions, which often impede his ability to perform his lawful duties.

Outside of his inner demons, Kyle Pred is just an arrogant person with his own set of problems that make him one of the most problematic GTA 5 RP cops around.

#4 - Carmella Corset


Most of the GTA 5 RP cast tend to either be involved with crime in one way or another as their main gig. Interestingly, Carmella Corset is a character that goes in her own way. As a self-described "bimbo," Carmella Corset explores the more social aspects of roleplaying that players won't find in other GTA 5 RP characters.

As far as girly stereotypes go, Carmella tends to check off every box. She is a promiscuous blonde who loves shopping and fashion, often getting into conflicts with other women for the sake of attention.

It's an interesting side of GTA 5 RP that players don't see often, especially since the streamer behind Carmella Corset, Carmen, is an actual woman.

#3 - Jean Paul


Some GTA 5 RP fans love drama. When it comes to wacky GTA 5 RP drama, xQc is often involved. It was inevitable that Jean Paul's character would end up becoming one of the most iconic characters around, simply because of xQc's fame and notoriety within the GTA 5 RP community.

Jean Paul isn't a hard character to follow unless xQc is banned again for whatever reason. That said, Jean Paul is an interesting character to follow aside from being xQc's OC.

He's one of GTA 5 RP's most notorious criminals (even being able to successfully do the Cayo Perico Heist on his own, making him the first criminal to do so). Unlike many other criminals, Jean Paul is a lone wolf who prefers to do everything on his own. Of course, this does mean that he's constantly butting heads with other characters.

#2 - Uchiha Jones


If GTA 5 RP fans are looking for a character that is completely out there in terms of utter bizarreness, then they cannot go wrong with Uchiha Jones. After all, he is a GTA 5 RP character with cybernetic limbs (including a cybernetic penis) who acts very anime-esque at times.

For GTA 5 RP fans seeking something more serious, Uchiha Jones isn't a character for them. Still, Uchiha Jones is an amusing parody of various anime tropes, even going as far as to have an entire storyline arc dedicated to incest (for both his mother and his sister).

Uchiha Jones's character is so unapologetically geeky at times that it borders on brilliance.

#1 - Yuno Sykk


As far as GTA 5 RP streamers go, Sykkuno is one of the most popular streamers to follow. His character, Yuno Sykk, is a reflection of some of his most notable qualities. Whereas many GTA 5 RP characters are over-the-top in terms of how crude they are, Yuno Sykk's kindness stands out (even during moments where he's committing a crime).

Given how popular Sykkuno is and how often he streams, it's not like players will struggle to find out more about Yuno Sykk. Even the character of Yuno Sykk is widely popular within the GTA 5 RP world, as everybody from gangsters to cops loves the man.

Of course, it is worth mentioning that Yuno Sykk is not a Marty Stu by any means. He may be popular with most people, but he does have genuine flaws that some other GTA 5 characters take advantage of.

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