Top 5 most watched GTA RP streamers on Twitch in May 2021

Sykkuno is one of the most recognizable Twitch personalities that play GTA RP (Image via whotwi 그래픽 Twitter 분석)
Sykkuno is one of the most recognizable Twitch personalities that play GTA RP (Image via whotwi 그래픽 Twitter 분석)

The five most watched GTA RP streamers on Twitch are mostly Spanish, funnily enough.

Usually, GTA RP fans tend to associate the game with an English audience, but there is only one in the top five for English audiences. As something like the "most watched GTA RP streamers" can be verified objectively by viewer hours, this list will rank these five GTA RP streamers via Twitchmetrics. Remember, this list is based off of Twitchmetric's numbers; somebody like xQC can reach these numbers, but he isn't listed by their metrics.

More specifically, these five GTA RP streamers will be ranked by total viewer hours. The difference between the top GTA RP streamers and the bottom ones is often stark, but interestingly enough, the number one on this list has double the viewer hours when compared to number five. Also, technically this is ranked based off of GTA 5's viewership on Twitch, but the top streamers are all playing GTA RP, which falls under GTA 5's umbrella on Twitch.

Top five most watched GTA RP streamers on Twitch in May 2021

#5 - Rubius (6,164,115 viewer hours)

Rubius at an event (Image via Esquire)
Rubius at an event (Image via Esquire)

As the first of three Spanish Twitch streamers, Rubius is a Spanish-Norwegian YouTube personality who has become the 42nd most subscribed YouTube channel globally. He's the fourth most-followed Twitch streamer, only behind shroud, Tfue, and Ninja.

Hence, it shouldn't be surprising to see him rank number five when he's barely played GTA RP thus far. He's mostly played Resident Evil Village this month, but his fame makes his viewers watch whatever he's doing. He plays on the Marbella Vice server, which will be talked about a little more in the number three entry.

#4 - Sykkuno (7,888,498 viewer hours)

Yuno Sykk, the character of Sykkuno (Image via NoPixel Wiki)
Yuno Sykk, the character of Sykkuno (Image via NoPixel Wiki)

As the sole English streamer on this list, Sykkuno is the most recognizable name to some people reading this article. Most GTA RP fans should know that his character in NoPixel is Yuno Sykk, and is known for his kindness and the occasional erratic behavior.

As far as typical GTA RP streamers go, Sykkuno is beloved for his ability to entertain his audience in a cool and funny way, often not involving the petty drama some other GTA RP streamers are known for. Anybody looking for a refresher on what Sykkuno's has done in NoPixel should check out the NoPixel Wiki.

#3 - juansguarnizo (8,960,943 viewer hours)

Juansguarnizo (Image via Pinterest)
Juansguarnizo (Image via Pinterest)

juansguarnizo is another Spanish streamer, sitting at an impressive number three for this list. He's a variety streamer who does a lot of Just Chatting, but he has played GTA RP the most recently. More specifically, he's playing on the popular Spanish GTA RP server known as Marbella Vice.

Marbella Vice has its own official Twitter page, and it's largely considered one of the most popular GTA RP servers around. It has 420.1K followers on Twitter, which is an impressive number for a GTA RP server.

As far as juansguarnizo goes, he's a pretty funny and chill guy, so GTA RP players who speak Spanish and are looking to follow new GTA RP streamers should check him out.

#2 - loud_corigna (9,243,246 viewer hours)

loud_Coringa (Image via cfloudcoringa (Twitter))
loud_Coringa (Image via cfloudcoringa (Twitter))

If loud_corgina streamed more often, he would be the undisputed #1 for the GTA RP section. In the past seven days, loud_corigna only streamed for two days, which is a lot lower than what other GTA RP streamers usually do. For players that don't know who loud_corgina is, he's also know as loud_victor.

His Instagram page has 8.9m followers, which is by far and away more than any other GTA RP streamer. Somebody as popular as xQC only has 364k followers, which makes sense when one compares the two channels. loud_victor posts every day.

English speakers might not know him because he primarily speaks Portuguese. As far as fame goes, loud_corigna is one of the most famous people to play GTA RP, so it makes sense why he's already number two when he's barely played this month.

#1 - auronplay (12,198,026 viewer hours)

auronplay (Image via auronplay (Twitch))
auronplay (Image via auronplay (Twitch))

auronplay plays GTA RP consistently, so it's no surprise to see him above loud_corigna. If players thought loud_corigna had a huge Instagram presence, then they should check out auronplay, who has a whopping 15.2m followers. The Spanish market for GTA RP is pretty massive, so kudos to auronplay for taking full advantage of it as the number one streamer for GTA RP in May right now.

Typically, auronplay will start a stream with Just Chatting, before he moves onto GTA RP. He has a strong connection with his fans, which makes them more likely to check out his streams. Other GTA RP streamers just do GTA RP or some other random game, so they often feel more distant by comparison.

auronplay plays GTA RP pretty consistently most days of the week, so it would be an arduous task for any other GTA RP streamer to come close. As far as English streamers go, auronplay is comparable to xQC in terms of sheer views. He's also the fifth most followed channel on Twitch.

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