How to play GTA 5 RP

GTA 5 RP. Image: YouTube.
GTA 5 RP. Image: YouTube.
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Before GTA Online gained such massive popularity, GTA 5 Roleplay, popularly known as GTA 5 RP, enjoyed the spotlight. GTA 5 RP was made famous by Twitch and YouTube streamers.

GTA 5 RP is basically a multiplayer mod of GTA 5 (PC version). It is a realistic world where police, criminals, and people co-exist and there are restaurants and hotels where you can chill out.

Whether it is completing missions or just roaming around, this is a world within the GTA 5 universe where you can do whatever you want. Even though it sounds very similar to GTA Online, you must know that it is not.

There are several levels of roleplay and each one varies from server to server. Some servers even have a comprehensive set of rules that you have to follow to navigate the world freely. There are some servers that prohibit players from using cheat codes and engaging in senseless violence. GTA 5 RP has brought back the interest of majority of players in the game.

You can access this multiplayer mod by heading over to the websites of the modified game clients like FiveM and Discord.

How to play GTA 5 RP

Play GTA 5 RP on FiveM. Image: YouTube.
Play GTA 5 RP on FiveM. Image: YouTube.

As per the instructions given by Techburner, it should be easy for you to join a server and enjoy GTA 5 RP. Just follow the steps given below and you are good to go:

1. Open Steam.

2. Log into your account in FiveM.

3. Find out about the Legacy Server by heading over to the Servers Tab.

4. Join the Discord server by copying their Discord link.

5. In order to set up your Team Speak Client, you will need to press Ctrl+K and search ‘Toko’.

6. This will help you to get the Address for finding the servers for Toko VoIP. Copy it and go to Team Speak, then Client and then Address and paste this there.

7. Copy the Server Address as per your choice after going to #server-status.

8. Open FiveM and press F8.

9. Enter the Server Address that you had copied with the prefix ‘connect’.

After it connects, you can enjoy GTA 5 RP in that particular server!

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