Summit1g lashes out at his GTA RP critics

Summit1g recently clapped back at critics flaming his GTA RP playstyle (image via Summit1g, Twitch)
Summit1g recently clapped back at critics flaming his GTA RP playstyle (image via Summit1g, Twitch)
Danyal Arabi

Former CS:GO professional turned streamer, Summit1g has been making waves in the GTA RP community, as his popularity and viewership on the NoPixel server have been reaching new heights recently.

While Summit's antics in the server make for entertaining streams for most of his fans, some disgruntled viewers were not so enticed by his RP skills, and let him know what they felt in Summit1g's chat during a GTA RP stream. What ensued was Summit1g hitting back at the criticism and calling the user out on their toxicity.

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Summit1g slams critics who interrupted his GTA RP stream

(Timestamp 0:58)

While playing the role of his character, Charles Johnson, who in the NoPixel universe is a racer, Summit1g read a message from a member of his Twitch chat, which said "Your inability to actually RP kills me." Not one to take disrespect lightly, Summit1g reacted in kind and shut the game down with the following message:

“Your inability to RP kills me. Does it? Man, sweet! I’ll tell you what, why don’t we just stop RP and you can just leave now. Other people can do RP now. I will do my own thing as I normally do, and if you say some s**t like that again, it’ll be a permaban.”

With others complaining about how much time Summit1g spends in racing instead of exploring the other aspects of GTA RP, he once again set the record straight that he's not liable to follow other people's rules while playing the game.

"Just because I don’t want to sit there and talk about the next thing CG is doing with music and stuff like that, because Charles doesn’t take interest in that one thing, doesn’t mean ‘oh he doesn’t want to RP, he only wants to race"

Summit1g's GTA RP streams have been doing incredibly well on Twitch, pulling more than 50k viewers on average. With these kinds of numbers, it's safe to say that critics of his playstyle are definitely in the minority.

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