5 biggest GTA 5 RP controversies in the community

xQc is seemingly a lightning rod for controversy (Image via Sportskeeda)
xQc is seemingly a lightning rod for controversy (Image via Sportskeeda)

The GTA 5 RP community is no stranger to controversy. Several public disagreements have occurred between streamers and their servers.

The eyes of the gaming world are on GTA 5 RP, given its meteoric rise in popularity. Twitch and YouTube have millions of followers watching their favorite streamers. Anytime a server bans a player, it attracts a good amount of attention. Whether or not these suspensions are justified is subject to various disagreements.

GTA 5 RP deals with disputes on an almost daily basis. However, some of them are more high-profile than others. Prominent streamers aren't afraid to fight back against each other, let alone the platforms and servers they play on. It's always a sight to see for GTA 5 RP players.

Five much publicisized controversies within the GTA 5 RP community

5) Trainwrecks banned amidst metagaming accusations


After several metagaming accusations, streamer TrainwrecksTV was permanently banned from the NoPixel server. Prominent streamer UberHaxorNova was the first to call him out for unruly behavior. NoPixel looked into it and agreed with him.

In response, TrainwrecksTV directly accused NoPixel moderators of protecting certain streamers. After calling his critics "miserable losers," he made it clear he wasn't interested in appealing the ban.

4) SlikeR banned after harassing women


SlikeR was banned on the NoPixel server after several accusations came out against the player. Female roleplayers reported him for making unsavory remarks about their bodies. The NoPixel server took matters into its own hands and banned the streamer shortly afterward.

NoPixel owner and lead developer Koil made a statement regarding the embargo directly from his live stream. He said sexually harassing female players, even when in character, is low-effort roleplay. It also causes problems for GTA 5 RP female players when this sort of behavior is the norm among newer players.

In a Twitter apology, SlikeR accepted full responsibility for his actions. He initially blamed the LGBT community for the ban but claimed to have misspoken about the matter, claiming he meant to say, social justice warriors.

3) LadyHope suspended for reading hate mail about herself


LadyHope was caught up in GTA 5 RP controversy thanks to an out-of-context Twitch clip. During a roleplay session on NoPixel, she arrested residential drama headliner xQc. After he expressed his disapproval over his arrest, a few of his loyal fans sought to harass the female streamer.

After LadyHope decided to read the hate mail she received, someone decided to report the clip to Twitch. Without any context of the situation, they suspended her. The platform fixed their mistake shortly afterward, but it left a bad taste in the mouths of several people, including LadyHope herself.

2) Adin Ross calls out Twitch for GTA 5 RP suspension


Internet personality Adin Ross is well-known for his GTA 5 RP streams, having brushed shoulders with the likes of Lebron and Bronny James. He runs the SSB Wrld server, a popular alternative to NoPixel. However, Twitch ended up banning him over an incident regarding sexual activity with NPC characters.

The Twitch ban is only temporary. However, fans of Adin Ross felt there was a double standard in their policies. For instance, their current stance allows hot tub streams to gain viewership. Adin Ross felt the same way and urged fans to tweet #freeadin to get his message across.

1) xQc in general


Arguably the most well-known streamer in GTA 5 RP is xQc. He has already made a name for himself in the Overwatch community, where he was repeatedly suspended and ultimately banned for his infamous behavior. Controversy still cast a large shadow over the streamer when he joined GTA 5 RP.

With almost six million Twitch followers, xQc averaged over 100,000 viewers for his roleplay streams. He played the character Jean Paul, who was notorious for his criminal activities. According to streamers Sykkuno and Summit1g, they believe all his success put great weight on his shoulders.

Sometimes xQc took himself too seriously; when another player would insult Jean Paul, xQc would act as if he was personally insulted. Popular streamer Penta made the accusation xQc would send his followers to attack streamers he didn't like.

He would either stream snipe other players or get stream sniped himself.


Following multiple Twitch violations and a record fifth ban, NoPixel permanently blocked xQc from their server. Fans of xQc thought it was unfair, while critics felt the Canadian had too many chances already.

Despite the inevitable loss of viewership following his ban, NoPixel finally stepped their foot down.

Undoubtedly, xQc has to deal with the pressures of full-time streaming. GTA 5 RP can be highly stressful when creators have to make compelling content. In a world where streamers play not to lose, xQc played to win and eventually lost.

Note: This article reflects the writer's personal views.

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