Top five most infamous GTA 5 RP bans

xQc is particularly infamous for multiple GTA 5 RP bans (Image via NoPixel Wiki)
xQc is particularly infamous for multiple GTA 5 RP bans (Image via NoPixel Wiki)
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Despite the strict guidelines of the NoPixel server, there are a few GTA 5 RP streamers who violate the rules and end up on a ban list.

Whether it's breaking character or metagaming to their advantage, players can be removed from the NoPixel server for various reasons. Streamers are no exception; anytime a streamer gets hit with a ban, it creates airwaves across the community. GTA 5 RP can be a fun experience as long as it isn't at the expense of anyone else.

Popular streamer bans are particularly notable given their overall importance in key story events. Not only does it abrubtly end storylines, it also wastes hours of time spent on particular scenarios. Nonetheless, there have been rather infamous GTA 5 RP bans throughout NoPixel's history.

Five of the most notorious GTA 5 RP bans

#5 - Penny Evans and Johnny Turner

Penny Evans, as seen in GTA 5 R (Image via NoPixel Wiki)
Penny Evans, as seen in GTA 5 R (Image via NoPixel Wiki)

Penny Evans and Johnny Turner were a criminal couple at QuickFix, played by PennyRenae and xRosario respectively. While Penny suspected Johnny was cheating on her in-game, it turns out he was cheating with her outside the game. Both players were trying to metagame the system through Discord messages.

Users from the sub-reddit community r/RPClipsGTA already had their suspicions. After Irwin Dundee stole gold bars from them, the notorious couple managed to track him down multiple times in remote areas. Somehow, they already knew what color vehicle Dundee would drive and where he would be.

Irwin Dundee (Image via NoPixel Wiki)
Irwin Dundee (Image via NoPixel Wiki)

Among other suspicious activities, somehow, QuickFix would always get the drop on the Vagos before a hit. On Renee's channel, she uploaded a clip where Penny used a TS window to track down cops. It ultimately proved her downfall.

Despite Renee's attempts to remove the damaging Twitch clips, r/RPClipsGTA already saved mirrors. Ultimately, both Penny and Johnny were banned from GTA 5 RP server NoPixel when their actions were brought to light.

#4 - Tyrone Biggums


After a brutal civil war between East and South Ballas, a major player was left standing. Tyrone Biggums was an OG Ballas member who steadily grew the influence of the East side. He was appropriately named after a crack addict character from the Dave Chappelle Show.

Played by Zombie_Barricades, Tyrone Biggums was a loud-mouthed criminal who always let his voice be heard. However, after a series of devastating losses in December 2020, Tyrone grew increasingly unhinged. He would go on long out-of-character rants against other players.

Eventually, Tyrone was banned for bad sportsmanship, powergaming, and metagaming. Many fans were disappointed, since he started off as a funny character with notable one-liners. Once he went down, so did the rest of the East Side Ballas.

#3 - Liv Lassen

Liv Lassen living the life in GTA 5 RP (Image via NoPixel Wiki)
Liv Lassen living the life in GTA 5 RP (Image via NoPixel Wiki)

GTA 5 RP character Liv Lassen ran the criminal underworld with her self-made stocks and business ventures. While most criminals worry about getting caught in the crosshairs of police snipers, Lullichiiqa had one set for xQC instead.

After xQc got a brand new bike, Lullichiiqa somehow knew of the event despite her character having no reason to. She eventually set up an ambush for xQc, which many viewers accused was the result of her stream sniping.

Despite her protests, NoPixel moderators agreed it was an act of meta gaming. Liv Lassen has since been permanently banned from the GTA 5 RP community in the NoPixel servers.

#2 - Johnny Cassle


Sahara National's finest marksman, Johnny Cassle specialized in high-power firearms. Played by the late SAVx, Johnny was at the top of his class when it came to lining up a shot. However, some viewers throught he was too good.

There were multiple instances where he was accused of using an aim bot. During a police shootout, Johnny ended up getting several headshots from faraway positions. Previously, SAVx had a reputation for bringing in new characters like DeAndre, only to instakill everyone within the gang wars.

It was a notable ban, since SAVx was originally trusted with the NoPixel whitelist. The permaban goes to show that even those in power have to be accountable for their particular actions, especially in GTA 5 RP.

#1 - Jean Paul


Arguably the most popular GTA 5 RP player in the world, xQc regularly attains 100,000 views on Twitch. Known for his character Jean Paul, the Ghost Rider was the criminal mastermind of Los Santos. He has been involved in over 40 heists, each of them in high-profile areas.

However, xQc has already been banned for a record five times from the NoPixel GTA 5 RP server. He's broken several rules involving running over players, using game exploits, and talking about other player bans.

These bans were never permanent, as they only last a select number of days. Given how lucrative his viewership is for Twitch, history may repeat itself and allow Jean Paul another chance to fight back. It remains to be seen if xQC will return to GTA 5 RP as of writing this.

Note: This article reflects the writer's personal views.

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