5 reasons why GTA 5 RP is more popular than GTA Online currently

GTA 5 RP is an explosive player experience (Image via Yandex)
GTA 5 RP is an explosive player experience (Image via Yandex)
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While GTA Online retains popularity, recent trends suggest GTA 5 RP has overtaken it on social media platforms.

Since 2019, GTA 5 RP has steadily grown in demand. Well-known streamers like Sykkuno and Buddha regularly play the game. Prior to his recent ban, xQc gathered over 100,000 Twitch followers to watch the crazy escapades of his character Jean Paul. Roleplay is a big difference maker these days.

Despite the differences between GTA Online and GTA 5 RP, they both provide over-the-top enjoyment for millions of players. However, it's only been a few years and GTA 5 RP is hotter than ever before. There are several reasons why some players find new challenges in roleplaying sessions.

Five Reasons Why Some Players Prefer GTA 5 RP Over GTA Online

#5 - Popular Streamers Get In On The Action


Among Us completely blew up in 2020 due to several factors, one of which was Twitch streamers. Audiences got to see their favorite streamers enjoy themselves in a chaotic environment. The same can be said for GTA 5 RP.

A few years ago, the roleplay scene took off through the NoPixel servers. Popular streamers like Sodapoppin brought in millions of Twitch followers to witness episodic content. Years later, the likes of xQc, Shroud, and Summit1g would take over the roleplaying scene with their respective characters.

Even now, GTA 5 ranks highly among Twitch viewership. With 45 million followers, there are hundreds of thousands of viewers every day. Most livestreams involve GTA 5 RP from the NoPixel server.

#4 - GTA 5 RP Is A Newer Experience

Heart to heart with Yuno Sykk and Irwin Dundee (Image via NoPixel Wiki)
Heart to heart with Yuno Sykk and Irwin Dundee (Image via NoPixel Wiki)

GTA Online has been around since the 2013 launch of GTA 5. By contrast, GTA 5 RP didn't take off until a few years ago. GTA 5 RP is still a novelty concept, especially for new players.

Given the wide scope of the character models and maps in GTA 5, there is a lot to work with in roleplaying servers like NoPixel. There is always a new experience, given the number of different players and scenarios.

GTA Online is relatively stagnant by comparison. With the exception of the recent Cayo Perico update, there's rarely any new locations to explore. GTA 5 RP offers a newer approach to these same areas via player-created storylines. Imagination is the only limit with these physical constructs.

#3 - Multiple Different Stories Take Place

The Chang Gang (Image via NoPixel Wiki)
The Chang Gang (Image via NoPixel Wiki)

One of the main advantages of GTA 5 RP is community-driven content. Rather than working strictly within Rockstar guidelines, players can enjoy their own personally-crafted storylines.

GTA Online usually involves performing the same tasks over and over again. With roleplaying, there is a uniquely human element of personal interaction. Players can try something new in their respective approaches. While storylines can abruptly end out of nowhere, they can keep going as long as the players have fun.

However, in order to promote user-friendly experiences, players must abide by server rules. Otherwise, they can face bans if they engage in unruly behavior, such as metagaming and out-of-character moments. Servers like NoPixel enforce these guidelines to ensure civil and appropriate conduct in their community.

#2 - There Are A Variety Of Unique Servers

Marbella Vice is the popular Spanish server (Image via Marbella Vice)
Marbella Vice is the popular Spanish server (Image via Marbella Vice)

GTA 5 RP brings a different perspective based on which servers players use. NoPixel is the most popular, which is a good starting point for entry-level players. Mafia City uses a group system for legal and illegal activities. GTA World provides text-based communication for introverted players.

There is always something for everybody. Given the international popularity of the GTA series, it also makes sense for dedicated servers in specific countries. Marbella Vice is the most populated Spanish server for a reason.

By comparison, GTA Online maintains the Rockstar trademark of rags-to-riches storylines. Criminals start at the lower rung of the ladder before they climb to the top. Certain players might prefer the simplicity of pedestrian life.

#1 - Some Players Prefer Roleplay


GTA Online can be a brutal experience for players, given the presence of the rage-inducing Oppressor Mk II. While GTA 5 RP isn't completely free from bad player experiences, at the very least, it offers a different escape from reality.

Depending on the playstyle of a particular person, they can pick a server that's right for them. Some players want to train at a police academy and catch criminals. Others want to run a simple gas station. The strength of the roleplay experience is simple; every player can put their creativity to good use.

Communication is the key difference maker in every community. As long as players follow the rules and respect each other, GTA 5 RP can be a fun way to pass the time.

Note: This article reflects the writer's personal views.

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