5 most annoying types of players in GTA Online as of 2021

Image via Rockstar Games
Image via Rockstar Games
Rahul Bhushan

Online multiplayer games like GTA Online, simply by virtue of their nature, invite all kinds of players to the game. It's almost naive to expect everyone to play along nicely and be courteous and helpful to those around.

While no one's suggesting that GTA Online should be a nice, safe haven for players to gather around and roast marshmallows, it doesn't have to be the chaotic wasteland it is right now. GTA Online encourages players to be "good sports" while also maintaining a healthy level of competition.

It is when players teeter on that line and cross over into evil territory where things start to get a bit murky. In 2021, there is a major litany of issues in GTA Online, but annoying players can never truly be fixed.

Here are some common archetypes that players will encounter during their time in the game.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the opinion of the writer.

5 extremely annoying types of players in GTA Online in 2021

#1 - Modders/cheaters


One of the biggest problems in GTA Online is the rampant presence of modders/cheaters. Many streamers, speedrunners, and GTA Online players have come forward and explained the privacy risk that modders and cheat services pose.

Through the use of mods, certain players in GTA Online can exploit the game's systems and get an unfair advantage over other players. More than just a simple annoyance, this could easily snowball into something huge and possibly even kill GTA Online.

The lack of an anti-cheat service currently seems to be hurting Rockstar's online games, but the publisher has now started making moves in the right direction.

#2 - Passive Mode abusers


These types of players are the embodiment of "writing checks the mouth can't cash." After deliberately picking a fight or destroying property, these players lack the backbone to then stand and fight. Instead, they choose to cower behind Passive Mode.

Passive Mode can be used by players not to engage in combat with other players in GTA Online and is simply ripe for abuse. Essentially, it allows players to attack everyone else in the game without ever being under threat themselves.

While Passive Mode is a decent idea in itself, Rockstar should implement ways for it not to be abused and overused. Perhaps a cooldown timer for Passive Mode might make it a bit difficult for players to switch back and forth easily.

#3 - The Oppressor MKII griefer


The Oppressor MKII blip on the map is universally recognized as a symbol for griefers and is rightfully detested by almost everyone in GTA Online. The Oppressor MKII is one of, if not the best, vehicles in the game, which is exactly why it is also susceptible to then being abused.

Griefers essentially take joy in going out of their way to disrupt other players' activities and missions in GTA Online. For instance, they can intercept all kinds of Cargo and Crates to cause unnecessary damage to other players.

The best way to deal with these players is to use a Toreador, Up-n-Atomizer, or similarly powerful weaponry and vehicles to knock them off their perch.

#4 - The Orbital Cannon Overlord


The Orbital Cannon is one of the coolest weapons in GTA Online. But as has become a trend within the community, everything great is ultimately abused. The Orbital Cannon is essentially an "instant kill" button that allows players to zero in on any player in the session and blow them to bits.

Each shot costs quite a bit of money, but these players seem to have an endless source of revenue as they can pop off multiple shots at times. There is not a lot that players can do to protect themselves from the Orbital Cannon once they are discovered on its radar.

#5 - Resident DJ


Not exclusive to GTA Online, these kinds of players are pervasive through almost every online multiplayer game. Their mic is their DJ set, and GTA Online is essentially Coachella for them in their heads.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with listening to music in the back while playing video games, but what is unacceptable is then not muting your mic. It is a standard etiquette not to subject every other player in the lobby to one's "eccentric" and "diverse" musical taste.

While far from being the most annoying player in the game, mic DJs need to get it together and play along like everyone else.

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