New Rockstar Games job listing suggests GTA and Red Dead Online to get stricter anti-cheat

(Image via rockstarintel)
(Image via rockstarintel)
Rahul Bhushan

One of the biggest detriments to an online multiplayer experience such as GTA and Red Dead Online is the rampant presence of cheaters, modders, and hackers. The presence of cheaters can often dissuade newer players from giving the game a try, which is the sort of appeal online multiplayers rely on.

Not only that, but veterans and long-time GTA Online players might just give up on the game altogether after being dumped on an hourly basis. While GTA Online has been on a steady rise in terms of playerbase numbers and revenue through microtransactions, it has an alarming number of cheaters.

These "cheats" are usually present in the game as modders who utilize various third-party softwares and websites to give themselves an unfair advantage. From putting other users' privacy at risk to ruining the game session, GTA Online seems to have a massive issue with regards to modders and cheaters.

Recently, Take-Two Interactive has gone on the offensive and threatened legal action against third-party cheat services. Now, a recent job listing suggests that Rockstar are taking things up by several notches.

New Rockstar Games job listing suggests GTA and Red Dead Online to get stricter anti-cheat

The position on the listing is for an Associate Cheat Operations Analyst. The position is likely to cover both Rockstar's premier online multiplayer titles: GTA Online and Red Dead Online.

The job listing specifically details that the role involves "monitoring multiple sources of information to identify cheaters and online mods for our [Rockstar] titles and taking appropriate action on the information."

Several prominent streamers, speedrunners and GTA Online veterans have pointed out the gaping holes in Rockstar's security regarding user information and gaming experience.

This is an extremely positive sign that Rockstar are finally taking the issue extremely seriously, and this is likely to go down extremely well with the core fan base. Esports and other online multiplayer gamers will swear by anti-cheat services as crucial a part of the game's enjoyment as anything else in the game, and it seems like Rockstar are embracing that too.

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