Take-Two shuts down cheat service for GTA Online with legal action

GTA games allow for mods and cheats to be used by players (Image via TheGTAPlace)
GTA games allow for mods and cheats to be used by players (Image via TheGTAPlace)

GTA Online has been an unbelievably massive success for Rockstar Games as the enormous player base has not just been maintained but grown significantly. The game has its fair share of problems and minor annoyances but has mostly been a fantastic online multiplayer experience all around.

Players would be hard-pressed to find more in-depth online multiplayer games that can match the gameplay variety and the sheer chaos of GTA Online. From Races to Deathmatches, there is just about every genre for everyone to play.

However, much like any other online game that makes its way onto PCs, the game becomes open season for cheaters and modders. Recently, to clean up GTA Online and maintain a level playing field, Take-Two has been cracking down on cheat services on the internet.

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Take-Two closes cheat service for GTA Online


Take-Two Interaction, the parent company of Rockstar Games, has resorted to legal action to take down various cheat services that offer cheats, mods, and hacks for GTA Online.

Cheating has always been a significant issue in the game, as players gain unfair advantages over newer ones or even veterans, causing their game experience to be ruined. This has resulted in the latter two either quitting the game or not recommending it to others, which is bad business all around.

Luna Cheats, a relatively popular cheat service for the game, has faced the ax, and Take-Two has shut the service down. The proceeds from the service will now apparently be directed towards a charity of Take-Two's choosing, as per a statement released by Luna Cheats on its site.

The statement on Luna Cheats (Image via RockstarIntel)
The statement on Luna Cheats (Image via RockstarIntel)

However, Luna Cheats is not the only cheat service under the scanner, as there are several others still profiting from letting players cheat in GTA Online on PCs.

Whether Take-Two decides to go after them as well remains to be seen, and any news will undoubtedly become public in the weeks to come.

Edited by Ravi Iyer
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