Top 5 things players should know before playing GTA 5 RP

(Image via Zez, YouTube)
(Image via Zez, YouTube)

GTA 5 RP has seen a massive increase in popularity lately, in large part due to the growth of the video game streaming community. Since GTA 5 RP is such an entertaining game to just watch, it has brought a lot of viewership to the streaming community as well.

Roleplaying games have been around for a while and have been steadily capturing the imagination of players and fans alike. But GTA 5 RP has taken this to a whole new level, with the open-world of GTA 5 and the intricate characters within the game this RP game gives new meaning to video entertainment for both players and viewers alike.

The massive popularity of this new mode of playing GTA 5 has brought a whole new playerbase to the game, but there are a few things players should know about GTA 5 RP before jumping in.

Here is a list of 5 things players should know about GTA 5 RP before they join an RP server.

5 things players should know before playing GTA RP

#1 - What is GTA RP?


GTA 5 RP can be considered a modified version of GTA Online. GTA 5 RP is played on a modified GTA 5 client with each client having their own advantages and disadvantages. Each client allows players that host a server to demonstrate more control over the server and the environment, usually regulating the chaos that occurs on GTA Online games.

The 'Role Playing' aspect of GTA 5 RP allows players to create their own unique characters that can act as NPCs from the games, so the player can be a police officer, a hobo, fireman, shop owner, cab driver, etc. Players can surf through various servers, performing different tasks with their character to create a unique storyline for their GTA RP character.

#2 - How to play GTA RP


To participate in GTA 5 RP players will need to download the client first. FiveM is one of the preferred clients or mods to run GTA RP. Once the player opens FiveM on the computer it will display all the FiveM GTA RP servers present on the client. Once the player finds the server they want to join, they can select it and wait to connect. These servers are isolated from GTA Online servers.

#3 - What are the popular GTA RP Servers?


Each server has its own set of rules that players should go through before joining. Most of these servers require the players to go through a sign-up process and popular servers like NoPixel are pretty strict when it comes to their rules. A few of the most popular GTA RP servers are:

  • NoPixel
  • Eclipse RP
  • Mafia City
  • TheFamilyRP
  • GTA World

#4 - Rules for the GTA RP servers


While all servers have their own set of rules, there are some rules that are deployed among the majority of them.

  • No OOC moments: A player is expected to roleplay at all times and being OOC (out of character) is prohibited
  • No Powergaming: Players are not allowed to do anything that would not be possible in real life.
  • No Metagaming: Players are not permitted to provide IC (in-character) information to another player through OOC means, or vice versa.
  • No Deathmatching: Players cannot kill each other without providing valid reasons to do so.

Most of these rules are put in place by the host to keep the GTA RP world a little less chaotic and prevent absolute anarchy from taking place. These rules create a fun environment for players looking to further the storyline of their character.

#5 - Who are the most popular GTA RP streamers?


GTA RP has seen popular streamers like xQc, MoistCr1TiKaL and Sykkuno join in, which has led to the sudden spike in viewership. The sandbox nature of GTA RP has got more streamers joining in on the action, and a number of new streamers have created their channels on GTA RP.

Streamers have made unique and memorable characters on GTA RP by making a detailed and consistent backstory, unique personalities, quirks and appearance.

For instance, AnthonyZ's character Tony Corleone has a very distinct voice, while Sykunno's character Yuno Sykk wears a green suit above visible body armor with a motorbike helmet. This makes them stand out and recognizable in an online session.

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