"Immature and Spineless": Karl Jacobs called out for throwing Ice Poseidon under the bus in his apology video

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Modified 03 May 2021

Recently, Daniel “Keemstar” Keem took to Twitter to post a clip criticizing Karl Jacobs for pushing Paul “Ice Poseidon” Denino “under the bus.”

Karl Jacobs was a fan of Ice Poseidon back when the former was still in the early stages of his career. Jacobs had stream-sniped Ice Poseidon and had posted a picture with the then Twitch streamer claiming that he was a big fan.

Ice Poseidon has often been accused of being racist, and had a toxic community that often used racial and sexual slang. Karl Jacobs posted an apology distancing himself from Ice Poseidon after the controversy arose.

Keemstar and Ice Poseidon have responded to the situation. The former said that Karl Jacobs threw Ice Poseidon “under the bus” while Ice agreed and called Jacobs “immature and spineless” for the apology.

Karl Jacobs now gets called out for throwing Ice Poseidon “under the bus”

Keemstar has strong words for Karl Jacobs and said that he should have defended Ice Poseidon. As can be seen in the clip posted on Twitter, Keemstar went on a lengthy rant against Jacobs.

“Well Karl has went on to make his own career and he is wildly successful. Millions and millions of fans, and yesterday Karl got cancelled by his own community. They were basically saying that Karl is a racist because he supported a racist and a homophobic. Back in day, Ice Poseidon (had) a very toxic community, toxic jokes. Racist homophobic jokes whatever. Karl stream-sniped him and was a fan of Ice Poseidon. Karl uploads an apology video where he was like distancing himself from Ice Poseidon saying I don’t really support bad streamers anymore and I wasn’t really that much of a fan.”

Keemstar explained that Karl Jacobs wasn’t honest and seemed scared of losing his community/fans. He explained that while Ice Poseidon had one of the most toxic communities earlier, the past two years have been different.

“What Karl should have said is you know I was a fan of that stuff and I am not longer a fan because that would have been the truth. What I don’t like is that Karl had a platform with millions of people and he could have told his audience that Ice Poseidon has changed. That’s right, Ice Poseidon two years ago decided “I am in a toxic community and a toxic environment. I am done with this toxic stuff. I am gonna be a good-boy streamer. That’s what he did. And Ice Poseidon risked that, risked his whole career knowing based on being a good guy, knowing that he might lose all his fans which he did. Over the last two years, Ice Poseidon hasn’t done anything edgy. I am so sick of not acknowledging those that changed for the better, right? It makes me so angry. Karl is sitting here trying “I don’t want anything to do with Ice Poseidon” so he doesn’t lose his career so it doesn’t damage his career. Ice Poseidon gave up his career to be a good guy, like Ice Poseidon does not get any praise? I have to say I am very disappointed in you Karl.

Ice Poseidon had himself previously responded to Karl Jacob’s apology. He had accused Jacobs of causing a “witch-hunt” against him and asked him to “take accountability” for his actions. Karl Jacobs did not respond to the Twitter thread.

He explained that one of the emoticons/phrases that Karl Jacobs had used had negative connotations long before Ice Poseidon became popular on Twitch and hence were wrong to be used anyway. He also defended himself and said that he isn't a “bad person.”

Keemstar’s recent post also suggests that Ice Poseidon has indeed brought forth a huge change with respect to his overall content. Poseidon currently streams on YouTube and has 747k subscribers. Keemstar’s argument is that Karl Jacobs should have explained how Ice Poseidon's attitude/approach has changed in recent years, especially considering that he was formerly a fan of the streamer.

Karl Jacobs was previously found to be in support of Ice Poseidon. Images where he can be seen “stream-sniping” Ice Poseidon have been doing the rounds on the internet. Additionally, a photo of the two personalities has also gone viral, with Jacobs having claimed in the past that he is a “big fan” of Denino.

The apology video that Karl Jacobs has since posted distanced himself from Ice Poseidon. He explained that he did not use “racist emoticons” and said that the “offensive terms” were not used in a racial manner.

"One more thing I want to give context for. There's a clip going around discussing antisemitism, which is something I'm very not okay with. I know there was a Jackbox joke that went around a long time ago. I was genuinely sorry about that. I want to talk about a clip that came out recently, on Mizkif's stream where I said I was spamming Cx in his chat because I said 'probably because somebody in a video game had a big nose'. I think people associated that with antisemitism but in reality, in early Twitch, the meme was like Ice Poseidon had a big nose. So people made fun of him for having a big nose. I wasn't coming towards antisemitism if that makes sense, or anything racially charged at all. I don't know if that's clear, but yeah, Ice Poseidon is not Jewish or anything like that. It wasn't meant to be anything like that."

Karl Jacobs distanced himself from Ice Poseidon and said that he does not want to be associated with this kind of “garbage.” He has been criticized by Keemstar for his approach, although the community seems divided on the matter.

For more information about Karl Jacobs' apology, check out this article.

Published 02 May 2021
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