"Be a man": Ice Poseidon slams Karl Jacobs' apology, accuses him of indirectly causing a "witch-hunt" against him

The Ice Poseidon x Karl Jacobs
The Ice Poseidon x Karl Jacobs' feud continues to intensify
Modified 01 May 2021

Paul Ice Poseidon Denino has issued a scathing response to Karl Jacobs's recent apology.

The former Twitch streamer, currently indefinitely banned from the platform, recently took to Twitter to respond to the Minecraft stars statement.

In the apology, Karl Jacobs apologized to fans for his past association with Ice Poseidon, often perceived as a controversial streamer due to the highly toxic nature of his chat.

However, his apology did not sit right with Ice Poseidon, who recently took to Twitter to slam Karl for buckling under the pressure of his fans:

As he proceeded to give him some advice, Ice Poseidon accused Karl of indirectly leading a witch-hunt against him and for dragging his name through the mud all over again.

He also issued a warning to his younger counterpart to safeguard himself against "toxic fans" before it becomes too late.

Ice Poseidon's above thread was most likely influenced by a recent Twitlonger post that Karl Jacobs posted on Twitter in the aftermath of his apology stream.

The Ice Poseidon x Karl Jacobs drama intensifies

Karl Jacobs' recent apology left the internet divided, with most fans perceiving it as a tad rushed, considering the sensitivity of the situation.

In a bid to make amends for his rushed apology on stream, Karl Jacobs recently posted a Twitlonger post, in which he attempted to summarize his thoughts more coherently.

This time, he named Ice Poseidon and went into a bit more detail regarding his past association with the banned streamer:

"Recently, some people have come forward with discomfort about me being in a stream with an old Twitch streamer, "Ice Poseidon," from a few years ago. This is a completely justified concern because Ice Poseidon made very controversial, offensive, and all types of content that I absolutely don't support. Ice Poseidon, for a long time, was one of the largest people on Twitch, and back then, I was genuinely someone that looked to Twitch as my clear passion in life, so I followed and watched every one that was at the top of Twitch. "

Jacobs also explained how he ended up on Ice Poseidon's stream and once again attempted to clear the air regarding the use of CQ and anti-semitic comments.

"When Ice Poseidon used to be one of the biggest streamers, other streamers jokingly picked on him for having a larger nose. I didn't realize this could come across in any way as racially charged, or charged with any form of antisemitism, as I just used it as a joke about Ice Poseidon. I have been educated recently on why this could be hurtful to Jewish people, and that was never at all my intention, so I am very sorry."

However, it appears that Karl Jacobs' apology has touched upon a raw nerve with Ice Poseidon, who continued to call the Minecraft star over his recent apology.

Revealing that he was tired of being made the "scapegoat," the 26-year-old proceeded to lash out against the Twitch industry in general:

With his recent accusatory thread, Ice Poseidon seems to have only exacerbated his beef with Karl Jacobs, which appears to be showing no signs of abating just yet.

Moreover, with opposing fandoms duking it out online, it remains to be seen what course this feud eventually takes.

Published 01 May 2021
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