Is Alphonso Davies the best young left-back in FIFA 22?

Reasons why Alphonso Davies is the best young left back in FIFA 22 (Image via
Reasons why Alphonso Davies is the best young left back in FIFA 22 (Image via

Bayern Munich is one of the strongest teams featured in FIFA 22. After enjoying a formidable season in the Bundesliga, the German champions have emerged with an excellent roster of players in the game.

Bayern Munich's majestic roster features Robert Lewandowski (92), the best striker in FIFA 22. Leading the team's midfield is a potent German duo of Leon Goretzka (87) and Joshua Kimmich (89).

Bayern's young talent Alphonso Davies is currently one of the most prolific left-backs in the world. The player can outrun every other player in his position and is one of the fastest players featured in FIFA 22. This article looks at some of the factors that make Alphonso Davies the best young left-back in the game.

Three reasons why Alphonso Davies is a must-have in FIFA 22 Career Mode

1) Fastest defender

Given his Sprint Speed and Acceleration of 96 each, Alphonso Davies has a Pace rating of 96, second only to Kylian Mbappe. The Canadian youngster is the fastest left-back in FIFA 22.

Although not the highest-rated player in his position, Davies can pair his speed with his Dribbling (85) and four stars in Weak Foot and Skill Moves. With the Speed Dribbler AI trait added on, the player is a threatening presence for Bayern Munich in FIFA 22.

2) Great potential


At 20, Alphonso Davies has already ascended as one of the best players in his position in football. Despite his base card featuring a rating of 82, Davies has the potential to be an 89 rated player in FIFA 22 Career Mode.

The player can be developed to have a 99 rating in pace in Career Mode and can be the most deadly choice as a left-back. Davies' dribbling can also be extended into the elite 90s within two seasons of Career Mode.

Davies can reach up to 97 rating in 10 seasons if trained to his max potential on Career Mode.

3) Versatility


Although a defender by name, Alphonso Davies isn't a standard left-back. The player comes with a high attacking work rate and low defending work rate in FIFA 22.

Davies' ratings in Defending and Physicality are suitable for a defender. But when paired with his exceptional pace and dribbling abilities, the player becomes a menace to deal with.

Davies is the least impressive in central midfield but can still perform without a significant drop in ratings. The player's natural eagerness to get ahead of the pitch gives him the option to compete as one of the team's wingers.

The Canadian is also excellent with both feet and can come in as an option on the other side of the field.

In conclusion, Alphonso Davies is the player that FIFA 22 players need to acquire at the start of their career to ensure the best outcome for their team on Career Mode.

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