Is Spectro Rover worth building in Wuthering Waves?

Image showing Rover holding the gourd in Wuthering Waves
Exploring whether players should invest on Spectro Rover in Wuthering Waves (Image via Kuro Games)

Rovers are the main protagonists in Wuthering Waves, so they are obligated to participate in the story. Outside the narrative, they shine as a playable entity capable of wielding multiple elements. Spectro is the first power rovers obtain by default and they can later unlock Havoc by the end of the main quest in patch 1.0. Their playstyle for each element varies drastically, so players will likely want to know whether the base version is any good.

Yes, the Spectro Rover is worth building in the game, as they can be a solid sub-DPS for multiple teams. This article further outlines all the positive qualities of the Spectro Rover in Wuthering Waves.

Disclaimer: This article is subjective and reflects the writer's opinion.

Why you should build Spectro Rover in Wuthering Waves

Spectro Rover is an excellent sub-DPS (Image via Kuro Games)
Spectro Rover is an excellent sub-DPS (Image via Kuro Games)

With a well-built Spectro Rover in Wuthering Waves, you get a solid sub-DPS companion from an element that has limited options to begin with. Apart from the protagonist, the roster has another character: Verina. She is arguably the strongest unit in the game, but her specialization is to heal and buff allies.

In contrast, you can use Rover in certain team compositions, where they hop into the battlefield to deal a big chunk of damage in a short time before you swap to the front-runner. If you want to completely utilize this base variant of the protagonist, consider unlocking their fourth Resonance Chain. This enables them to heal allies based on their ATK percentage.

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Spectro Rovers are supposed to obtain the power of other elements, so you must raise them once. After that, you can simply swap their powers around from the character screen. As of writing, you can only switch to Havoc Rover in Wuthering Waves, which is a powerhouse capable of dealing enormous damage comparable to premium Resonators.

Rover currently has access to two elements (Image via Kuro Games)
Rover currently has access to two elements (Image via Kuro Games)

The only caveat to this feature is that you must manually switch every Echo when you shuffle the element. Regardless, you might want to stick with the Spectro version to utilize the quick swap playstyle.

However, things may not be the same with Jinhsi’s release in the upcoming update, as she has been speculated to be Spectro DPS. Therefore, she can either overshadow the Rover, or they can be paired together to create a mono-elemental team.

Although single-element compositions are tempting, you must wait until the release of patch 1.1 in Wuthering Waves to find out whether the Spectro Rover remains usable. If you are skipping the 5-star unit, feel free to build and use the protagonist.

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