League of Legends' brand new Challenge system: Release date, PBE feedback, and more 

League of Legends' brand new challenge system will debut in the game with patch 12.9 (Image via Riot Games)
League of Legends' brand new challenge system will debut in the game with patch 12.9 (Image via Riot Games)

The challenge system is a brand new player customization option that is being introduced to League of Legends. Back during the season 12 reveal, the developers provided a brief introduction to the idea.

Essentially, the whole concept of challenges is to provide players with something unique to chase, irrespective of the game being a win or a loss. However, the developers have now provided more information.

These include a proper release date, the number of challenges that players can chase in total and the various updates that the developers have brought to the system based on feedback from the PBE (public beta environment).

Thus, in the following section, detailed information has been provided regarding all of the above, including exactly what players can expect once challenges have been made available.

Challenges in League of Legends will release along with patch 12.9

Release date and vision

According to the developers, the brand new Challenge system will be available for players from patch 12.9 onwards, which is approximately the time League of Legends' Mid Season Invitational 2022 will start in full swing. The approximate date for release of patch 12.9 is May 11, 2022.

The whole purpose of this new Challenge system is to provide players with something unique to obtain. The whole idea of ranked grind can often be a bit daunting for players. In fact, it gets too monotonous and boring at times.

There are matches that do not go well and players eventually start to lose their sanity. The game becomes a chore rather than a fun experience. Apart from that, it is true that ultimately League of Legends is a team game and players cannot truly look at individual performances.

Post Match challenge progression screen (Image via League of Legends)
Post Match challenge progression screen (Image via League of Legends)

However, it often happens that individual plays do become the highlight points in ranked games. Even in the losing game, the ADC might be coming up with a clutch play where they prevent the base from falling and buy a little more time for the ally team.

As of now, such efforts are often ignored as the game does not have any way of recording them. The Challenge system will ensure that these small clutch plays or efforts from players do not get ignored and they have something to show for at the end of a match.

Loading screen showcasing challenges completed (Image via League of Legends)
Loading screen showcasing challenges completed (Image via League of Legends)

Obviously, winners will always be rewarded more and players who run into legendary streaks will reap bigger benefits. Ultimately, the Challenge system will allow players to chase unique individual achievements that transcend the whole ranked grind.

Each challenge will have layers and there will be individual ranks for them. The more players grind, the better their challenge rank will become. These challenges will come with titles as well and players can equip those in the customization screen.

Apart from that, the challenges completed by each player will be visible to others on the same loading screen where users can check mastery points and levels.

PBE feedback

The Challenge system was introduced along with League of Legends' PBE back during patch 12.1. Since then, the developers have been consistently monitoring the system and updating the entire idea to provide a more streamlined experience on release.

Through PBE, players have provided feedback on things like sorting challenges, visual issues (bronze and gold ranks look the same) and crystal progression. All of these have been taken into account and are being worked on as of now.

In fact, the developers will continue to monitor the feedback till the official release.

Few examples

The whole purpose of the Challenge system is to provide players with something more to accomplish in League of Legends than just ranked badges. There are times when players are unlucky, but their rank ultimately defines their skill.

These challenges will at least provide other players with something more to judge someone before passing the final call. But even casual players will have things to earn and titles to chase. For instance, players who just love collecting skins in the game and spend money on microtransactions will have collector titles to chase for.

Either way, the game will have a total of 300 challenges, 2,700 tokens, and 100 titles to chase for post release. However, there are a few interesting challenges that players might love to know about right away:

  • Pop Goes the Poro: Causing a Poro to explode in ARAM for the title of “Poroyalty.
  • Give ‘em Shell, Shelly: Rift Herald and Turrent takedown challenge.
  • Icon of the Rift: Collecting Summoner Icons “Iconic.
  • Stacks on Stacks on Stacks: Obtain full stack on Mejai's Soulstealer before 20 minutes.
  • Superior Supporting: Complete support quests quicker than opponents.
  • Nashor Slayer: Claim the Baron Nashor solo and obtain the title “Baron.
  • Aggressive Positioning: Flash to an enemy and get multikills “Flashy” title.
  • Solo Carry: In ARAM deal a total of 40% team damage.

These are obviously some of the more fun ones, but the real treat will be waiting for League of Legends players on May 11, 2022, along with the 12.9 patch update.

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