Nabil Fekir vs Bernardo Silva: Which FIFA 22 Ultimate Team RTTK card is better?

Nabil Fekir and Bernardo Silva are two excellent RTTK cards in FIFA 22
Nabil Fekir and Bernardo Silva are two excellent RTTK cards in FIFA 22

It is rare for FIFA 22 to have some excellent additions to player items in Ultimate Team mode in the first month itself.

RTTK cards stand for Road to the Knockouts cards, special player items available in packs, SBCs, and FIFA 22 Ultimate Team objectives. These cards not only have boosted stats, but they also receive boosts if they can progress into the knockouts.

Both Bernardo Silva and Nabil Fekir received RTTK cards as part of their weekly SBCs. Fekir's RTTK SBC is the most-liked SBC as per FUTBIN, but Bernardo is providing intense competition.

Both are incidentally CAM cards in FIFA 22 and are closely rated. But who is the standout between these two RTTK cards? Let's find out.

Nabil Fekir vs Bernardo Silva: The better RTTK card in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team?

Nabil Fekir's RTTK is one of the most well-rounded and versatile player items in FIFA 22 so far. His card stats have every relevant stat at an excellent rating to allow it to play well in the FIFA 22 Ultimate Team meta.

Fekir's RTTK card stats (Image via FIFA 22)
Fekir's RTTK card stats (Image via FIFA 22)

The card has excellent dribbling and pace. Fekir's finishing and passing ensure that he can play as an ST or a CAM. Physicality means the Frenchman's RTTK can be dropped to the CM position as well.

Bernardo Silva's RTTK is an equally well-rounded card in FIFA 22. Like Fekir's RTTK, he has pro-meta stats.

Silva's RTTK card stats (Image via FIFA 22)
Silva's RTTK card stats (Image via FIFA 22)

The card has a similar pace to Fekir's but is a bit slower, though better dribbling makes up for it. His finishing is identical, while passing gets a bit better.

However, Bernardo's RTTK card is significantly less physical than Fekir's RTTK, making him less versatile position-wise.


Bernardo Silva's RTTK is 88 rated at launch time, while Nabil Fekir's RTTK is 86. Both are CAM cards, but the former's RTTK wins overall-wise.

Chances for boost

Manchester City is the favorite to proceed to the next round and go deep in the UEFA Champions League. Real Betis are not as strong contenders even if they're playing in the UEFA Europa League.

Thus, Bernardo's RTTK has a greater chance of receiving boosts.


Fekir's RTTK has greater positional versatility in the FIFA 22 Ultimate Team due to better pace and physicality.


Fekir's RTTK started at a price as low as 20,000 coins but steadily crept up as FIFA 22 players realized its value. It even touched 150,000 at its peak.

Silva's RTTK costs around 140,000 coins, and it is not expected to go up. Owing to the higher overall, his RTTK is a better bargain, but both cards have unmatched returns on the cost of investments.

Final verdict

Bernardo Silva's RTTK is a better card based on current overall and potential boosts in the future. However, if you want a card that can switch different positions, Fekir's RTTK serves the purpose better.


Ultimately, which league gamers build their squad with will be the most important determinant. But at the moment, Bernardo Silva's RTTK card wins the battle between the two.

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